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Mr Grill
Pet Spa
South Bay

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Logo.Bot uses an advanced AI technology to generate logos based on your preferences!

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Unlike other logo makers that charge you money to download your logo files, this Logo Maker is completely FREE. You are able to download high-resolution files and vectors for free as many times as you want! If you need further professional files, you only need to pay 5$, one-time. That cheap, yeah!


Only the basic files for web using. Best for new small companies

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  • Transparent logos (PNG)
  • Social Media Pack
  • Full Ownership
  • Unlimited Changes


Everything you need to make your company to stand out from your competitors!

  • High resolution JPG logo file
  • Files for printing (SVG/PDF/EPS)
  • Transparent logos (PNG)
  • Social Media Pack
  • Full Ownership
  • Unlimited Changes


If you have any questions which aren’t answered here, you can contact us here.

Why use Logo.bot?

Logo.bot is the only logo maker offering powerful logo-making solutions for free, with unlimited downloads and no watermarks!

How does it work?

Logo.Bot is an online logo maker which has a conversational UI allowing you to create your own logo easily. You don’t need to have any design skills, chat with our bot and let him do everything for you.
All you have to do is engage in a conversation with our bot about your brand. After your conversation, our bot will give you a lot of choices to pick from. All you need to do is select a logo design, and if you want you can go for quick customization, and then you can download your logo instantly. If you are not happy, you can make changes and download again, as many times as you want!

How do I sign up?

Sign-up HERE. You can connect with Facebook, Google or sign up using an email address.

Why isn’t my Facebook account working?

If your Facebook was registered with a telephone number, you may not be able to log in.
However, you can complete your sign up by using your email address.

I can’t remember my password

Reset your password HERE. You will receive your new password within seconds. In some cases it can take up to 5 minutes. Make sure you also check your spam folder for the reset password email.

Can I download my logo for free?

YES! That's what Logo.Bot is about. A tool to make and download logos for free, with no hidden fees and no watermarks. If you need social-media files, you only have to pay 5$, one-time. That easy and that cheap!

What type of files do I get when downloading?

We offer 2 different packages that include different file formats and sizes. You can learn more about these on our pricing page.

How can I get my logo with a transparent background?

All packages have a transparent background logo to suit your needs. The Free package also includes it 🙂

What benefits do I get from purchasing a package?

Check HERE our pricing page for all of the benefits. For technical details check our pricing page. Keep in mind that we have a team of designers and we’ll assure you get the best support.

Can I download after I purchased?

You’re able to download your logo design immediately after purchasing.

When I buy a logo is there any form of subscription?

No, all our plans are a single one-time payment.
However, we plan to offer monthly subscription packages in the future.

Can I save my logo design so I can purchase it later?

Yes, currently you can save some of your favourite designs then go back and purchase them.

I made a mistake in the logo that I purchased earlier.

Please let us know through live chat or contact form so we can work it out together.

Can I copyright my logo?

Yes. You’re free to register a trademark for your logo. The registration procedures vary from country to country.

Where is my invoice?

After you purchase your logo, you will receive a receipt by email right away from either Stripe or Paypal. Afterwards and within 72 hours we will email you, as well, the invoice for your accounting purposes.

Can I request a refund?

We offer you a 7-day refund policy where you have up to 7 days to reach us and request a refund. We would always love to understand why you aren't pleased with the order. Reach us HERE.


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