About US

About Us - Bot

Logo.Bot is a web tool developed with the ambition of providing a glimpse of what Artificial Intelligence can bring to B2B tasks that currently cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


In specific, our aim is to simplify the logo making process. There are other tools available online but we felt these missed the spirit and the enchantment of what AI should be.


With Logo.Bot you can have a conversation with our charming BOT and see his recommendations for your company logo.

Unlike other design systems, our BOT will learn through time and better understand your desire when building a logo. Therefore, if you didn’t find a logo that you’re passionate with today, make sure you retry in a few weeks as the BOT will have processed much more data.

If you want to change your logo after the conversation is done, you can do it through our versatile editor. You can also reach our staff through the contact form and we’ll be glad to further assist you with any details on your logo.