100 Logos that use negative space amazingly

Is Less More?

Arguably, you could agree and disagree, depending on what the situation is. If you’re talking about cheese on your pizza, the answer is obvious (unless you’re lactose intolerant).

However, what about design, is less really more? What about detailed, beautifully conceived and designed pieces? Are they any less than their minimalistic counterparts? The answer doesn’t lie in the appearance, but in its effectiveness.

In certain situations, less is, indeed, more, and in others not so much. In the examples below, though, less is absolutely more. Negative space is a great way to capture customers attention and make them think twice. We’ve conducted a thorough search for some of the most interesting negative space logos, and collected 100 inspiring designs to give you an idea of what’s possible. Enjoy!

After seeing all of these examples of design using negative space, it’s fair to say you sure can do a lot with a little.
Negative space interacts with the brain in a way regular designs can’t, allowing you to piece together what is and isn’t there. A negative design logo really sets itself apart from the regular, typical and predictable design.


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