How to create a logo in canva?

December 9, 2019

Starting a business may be onerous. However one of the most important things you need once you start your business is a logo! Your business must have a face or a singular image to represent your company. 

As an individual, there is a very low probability that you would want to patronise a business or an individual that doesn’t have an associate degree identity. So, why do you think your customers will do so?  A good brand should have a visually appealing style. It should be a symbol of what you stand for, as well as the services and product that you just give.

So where does one begin? Finding a good graphic designer to style your brand and design your logo might be a long tedious process. Particularly for businesses running on a budget, it might be too challenging to seek an inexpensive graphic designer that will deliver a quality design!

However, it is good you invest in an exceeding ability to form a brand on your own and style your logo exactly the way you want it. You wouldn't need a Graphic style genius; all you wish to own is embedded in your ability to find out what you want and a bit of creativity!

Canva could be just the exact platform that you need to give yourself the design. It is not solely meant to produce stunning graphics, you can as well conjointly use Canva to form your own desired logo!
Here are the top five things that you can do currently to form a stunning brand in Canva and consequently, begin to your superb and profitable business!

Create an Account

Canva is a superb, tremendous, and an incredible tool that you can simply use without charge. You can use it to make lovely and amazing graphics just like a knowledgeable graphic designer! I extremely suggest that once you are making an associate account, simply check-in for the business membership that offers you a free pair of week trial!

Select Your Branding Colors!

After making your account, this is often where the $64000 fun begins! Approval is the ability to know and establish your company's font and colours. For instance, my company is named The Brilliance Bar, where my 3 main colour units are teal, gold and white.

Select Your Font

After establishing your company's colours, it's time to settle for your font! Canva offers 3 main font faces for you to pick from. This includes a header, a subtitle, and your main font. The header is the most important font which can function well as the title. Your subtitles are a touch smaller, and your main font can function as your body text.

Start Design for Logo

I am generally drawn to combination logos, where customers can establish themselves. You can pick each from text and image. Canva has an incredible tool where you'll be able to explore your favourite image that perfectly supports your business.

Download Logo

After making your lovely logo and it’s time to transfer your logo to where it will be used. Once you start downloading your emblem in Canva, it's best to think about which sort of emblem file you want. Generally, you’ll be able to transfer your emblem file as a JPEG or PNG file. Canva provides you with each of those choices and you get to pick your choice.

If you are looking for a good and free logo builder, try our AI logo maker