Trends In Logo Designs

April 27, 2020

A logo is an essential concept in business. It is one of the visual identities of any business or brand. The design of a good logo should convey a lot of details about the company or brand. It should be easy, uniquely and distinctly identified with the business

With the change in time and the turn of the new decade, there are several changes in the logo trends. In recent times, some logo trends have been in the spotlight, and they are fast gaining deserved attention.

Although the design trends now in use continue to build on the ones from the past years or even decades, yet they are unique in their overall outlook and concept. Let’s take a look at the logo design trends that are currently defining business and brands.

Logo design - logobot

  1. 3D Designs: 3D designs are fast gaining popularity with many visual representations, and logo design is not an exception to this. The 3D design ensures that you merge the dynamic spectrum of colors realistically. The overall concept of 3D in logos will give a logo that is visually appealing, realistic, and full of life and energy. The 3D designs for logos provide a perfect print, and they perfectly fit for screens of different sizes. It also brings out the realistic display of all elements, color and image.
  2. Throwback Designs: Throwbacks seems classic and new all over again with movies, music, dressing, and even video games. The logo design game is not an exception to this concept. One of the recent trends in logo design is the resurgence and redesigning of old design basics. This type of logo usually shows heritage and class. Likewise, it gives an appealing and a unique outlook.
  3. Cartoon Logos: Aside from the fact that logos are essential in branding, it is also necessary for arresting the interest of the target audience. Using a cartoon logo is now a common trend in logo design because it is visually appealing and passes a lot of information. Cartoon logos are adorable and expressive; hence, it is capable of provoking the interest of the target audience to go through the details.
  4. Overlapping Elements In Logos: One of the innovations in the creativity of logo designs is the overlapping of logo elements. Overlapping elements in recent logo trends adds a lot of creativity, expressive visual, as well as unique branding to logos. The overlapping pattern is superb because it makes use of appealing colors, perfect geometry, as well as negative space.
  5. Metallic Logo Design: Metallic Logo is another concept that is currently trending in the logo game. This design generally showcases class and quality. It can leave an impression of the level and quality of your brand on your target audience. Using the metallic logo design will show that you are up to date with your design while also displaying class and quality.
  6. Using Geometric Shapes: Most traditional business cards take the rectangle shape. However, one of the current trends in the logo design game is using geometric shapes. The shapes used in these business cards usually have significant connection with the brand. For instance, a brand that deals in the sale of automobiles can create a business card that will take the shape of a car key.


Designers, businesses, and brands are trying as much as possible to make their logos stand out among the multitude of logos around. For your logo to stay relevant, you must be on the trending train of logo designs. The turn of the New Year and new decade has seen a lot of innovative and creative trends in the logo design game.

You can also creatively integrate different trends into a single business card. For instance, it is possible to integrate 3D designs into a card with geometric shape. This integration can help you create a completely unique business card with an entirely different concept and visual appearance.