The Best Logo Rebrands In 2020

June 29, 2020

The business world is not stagnant. It is rapidly evolving, and you need to develop a technique to keep up. Having a logo is a great idea, but keeping it up to date with rebrands is also crucial. You don’t have to bite yourself too hard if you don’t get your logo right on the first try. There is always room to rebrand.

While rebranding is good, it might be detrimental to jump on any rebrand without taking due steps. First off, you need to determine why you need to rebrand your logo. This determination will guide you through the best rebrands to use. Next, you should inspect the market for the top logo trends. This step is very crucial because it will give you insights and ideas. If you want to rebrand your logo, you should be ready to take a cue from the market trends.

Here are the best logo rebrands in 2020

Netflix: Netflix is one of the company’s that gave one of the best rebrands in 2020. The company has a long-standing history and a change in trends in its logo. They moved from a word long logo to something classier and more straightforward. The previous logo was the full name of the company written in red on a white background. The recent rebrand leaves just the letter “N” on a black background. The vibrant red color, which is the brand color, is not excluded from the design.

netflix new logo

Pizza Hut: Pizza hut is another top company to have a rebrand. They moved their logo to a less bulky design. The original pizza hut logo usually has four colors. But with the latest rebrands, the logo has just one color. The red color represents the identity of the band. This company is smart enough to use a color that has a connection with Italian restaurants. These colors are capable of evoking the feeling of hunger; this, aligning with their business idea. Likewise, the new logo rebrand is less busy, compared to the previous one.

Pizza Hut new logo

Moron Salt: Salt is a commodity that an average human being consumes. Many brands produce the product, but moron salt found a way to stand out with their logo rebrand. One crucial decision about the company’s rebrand is that they retained their old identity while still keeping up with the present trend. Instead of removing the iconic little girl with her umbrella, they help her stay current and social by changing her hair and clothing. The company ensures it stays current with the social trend while retaining its business personality.

Moron Salt new logo 2020

Olive Garden: Olive Garden is another brand that made a much-needed change in their logo designs. Aside from the fact that their previous logo is too much illustration, it looks more like a street sign.
However, their new rebrand is neater and better. It is simple, yet it gives details. It also integrates a much secure to read fonts.

Olive Garden new logo

Marriot: The change in the Marriot logo is another beautiful rebrand. The new logo better showcases the identity of the brand compared to the previous one. The full “Marriot” name was the center of the last logo. The new logo streamlined it to only the letter “M,” making the full name a side attraction. The new logo appears more elegant, classy, and more flexible.

Marriot logo new


There is room for you to rebrand your logo during the course of your business. Therefore, it is not a big deal if you don’t get the perfect logo on the first try. You can always try again. However, you should be conscious not to lose your brand identity while rebranding. Also, you can take a cue from other rebrand trends, but don’t forget your originality.