How to Make a Logo for Discord?

July 21, 2020

You have set up your Discord server, people are joining, but something is missing… it’s your logo for Discord!
Discord logos can make that server icon stand out from the sidebar crowd, however, how do you make one of those logo designs that get everyone talking?

Well, it has been proven that hiring a specialist in this area would be your best choice. Most of us, however, can’t afford that. If that’s your case then I’m going to show you how to make a logo for a Discord server which you can customize the way you want for way cheaper!

I have also made a list of some Discord logos which I particularly like, which you can use as inspiration when creating yours! I’ll also share with you my thoughts on what makes them a great.

Some of our favourite discord logos

Fire Breathers Discord LogoGirl Gaming CommunityMMORPG Gaming CommunityPink Flamingos Guild

These logos were chosen because they are simple however they send a message of what this server is and when you see one of these icons on your Discord sidebar you will immediately realize why you joined that server.

You should always keep in mind where you want to place your logo, so you should keep in a few rules just so your design ends up having a nice quality! If you're unsure on how to design your logo, check out our article with great tips!

Discord Logo Size: Like every logo, you can't forget about where you are putting your logo and this means you have to think about the size of it and how you want it to be perceived. In the case of Discord, the advised size you should go for when creating a logo is 512 x 512 pixels. This is the recommended size to get the most out of your logo design.

Circle Shaped Logo: This is obviously not necessary, there are many examples of logos which don't follow this, however, I personally find that since Discord will always make your logo have a circle shape it is advised to have something similar so you don't end up with some important part cut out.

Use an Acronym: Since you are going to be on Discord you should probably avoid using long names for your community (or however you want to call it), keep it short and simple so people around you can memorize it easily! If you use an acronym you can probably fit it on the logo for Discord!

Don't be scared: Your logo should represent and give an identity to your Discord Server, feel free to go for something funny or something that can represent you easily as a group! At the end of the day allow yourself to have fun and feel free.

If you want a discord logo without breaking your budget, you won’t beat Logo Bot. This little bot helps you find the best designs just with the information you type and tell him! After that, you can customize your logo to an infinity of options, from colour to size. Trust me, this Bot isn't like the usual free logo maker you have tried until now. 

There’s no reason to not give Logo Bot a try for your Discord Server since you don’t have to worry about paying anything to design your logo, just go for it and see if it works for you! You can even get a free demo file for testing purposes.

If you need any more convincing that Logo Bot is a great option for you, how is this?

Logo bot offers you a cheap and quick way to make a logo for a Discord server. Of course, not all of them will fit your needs, but you will find a few that will impress you.

You can get a lot more than just a Discord icon. You can even get ready to start a brand, these are just options that you have on Logo Bot.

Whether you ultimately decide to hire a designer or create your discord logo with Logo Bot, don’t forget that Discord is about people and a fun environment.


If you’re running a Discord server as part of your business, it might make sense for your icon to reflect your brand. However, Discord servers are communities first and foremost. In most cases, I recommend designing an icon that reflects the people in your server community, without worrying so much about branding.


So as you’re considering technical aspects like high visibility and making sure your Discord icon looks good at small sizes, don’t forget the human element. And one more thing: Don’t sweat it too much in trying to find the perfect logo design for Discord. Also, don't keep changing your logo since that will ruin recognizability. You want people to remember your icon on their sidebar!