3 stories behind the most famous logos in the world

Today we bring you three different logo design tales and how they came to be the giants that they are today. Usually, you wouldn't even need to mention anything else besides they logo design and you would be able to recognise instantly. From coffee to streetwear here they are:


Picture 1 - Starbucks

The logo of Starbucks is a fruit of the creative mind of famous designer Terry Heckler. The brand name was inspired by a character from the book Moby Dick — a young chief mate Starbuck, so the sea theme also should have been used in the logo. After looking at a couple of old marine books, Mr Heckler got a sparkling idea for the logo: an aquatic creature, a mermaid with two tales in the crown. And it was a win!


Picture 2 - Coca Cola

Dr John S Pemberton created the famous cough syrup formula that later became known as a Coca-Cola beverage. The notorious name and font that made this brand unique was a brilliant idea by Pemberton's bookkeeper. The elegant handwriting font brought many customers to the brand, and nowadays, it is one of the world’s most famous brandings. Despite many changes, Coca-Cola's logo still uses this font and stays a living classic in our times.


Picture 3 - Nike

Nike's logo was inspired by ancient Greek mythology and the goddess of Nike. This grand background sparked Carolyn Davidson to create a famous line. The “Swoosh” symbol looks like a checkmark and represents speed and victory. It makes us think that we made the right choice. Undoubtedly it is one of the best minimalist logos that was ever created.

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