4 Steps On How To Rebrand Your Company’s Image

The image of any company is very important in gaining public trust and winning customers. Your brand is what defines your company, and rebranding might be just what you need to stay relevant and uphold what the company stands for and what they do. Rebranding can be a necessary but exciting project, regardless of why you want to rebrand.

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Deciding to rebrand is not all you need, it is also very important to create a precise plan and follow effective steps that can ensure the success of this rebranding process, and give you your desired outcome. I will take you through 4 effective steps that can help you smoothly and successfully rebrand your company’s image.

STEP 1: Know Why You Are Rebranding

It is often said that when the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable and success is not guaranteed. Knowing why you want to rebrand will not only help you on how to rebrand, it will also help you create a clear path to follow and likewise serve as the driving force. The reason for rebranding must be well justified for you to have a relatively smooth rebranding process.

STEP 2: Figure out The Scope of Your Rebrand

Defining the scope of your new brand can help you creatively build a new brand from the old existing one. This concept will help you figure out what is not working out that you need to get rid of, and those that are working that you might have to keep. Likewise, it will help you decide if you have to rebrand the entire identity of the company or not. For instance, you can decide to rebrand the visual identity of the company like changing custom colours and logo while retaining the behavioural identity.

STEP 3: Create Excitement and Public Awareness About Your Rebrand

It is important to carry both your staffs (if any) and your customers along and get them involved in your rebranding process. Their involvement in the rebranding process can create excitement about your new brand. This alone can make them look forward to the new brand and allow them to get acquainted with the new image you want to create. The more excitement you can create around your rebranding, the higher the chances of success.

STEP 4: Update and Launch the New Brand

One of the major keys to successfully rebrand your company’s image is creating a solid plan, following a clear path towards it, and getting the public involved. Update all the company’s documents, marketing collaterals, website, social media, office supplies and every other thing need to recreate the image of the company to suit the new brand you are trying to create. Launch the new brand in the most creative way possible to match the excitement you have created and to fit the new image you want to create for your company.

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