5 great retro logos for inspiration

Vintage and retro logos often come and go out of fashion. They've always been a source of inspiration to many designers. Here we gathered the top list of beautiful retro logos to spark your future ideas!


The secret of this logo is its beautiful but recognisable font. Simplistic logos are in trend right now too: they look great and do not distract attention from the product.

Pepsi Cola First Logo

Picture 1 - Pepsi Cola First Logo


What's special about this logo is the colonel's face on it. He looks like a nice guy that knows fried chicken. We instantly give KFC a bigger credit of trust because we have a real person between the company and us.

KFC First Logo

Picture 2 - KFC First Logo


This beautiful logo is an epitome of retro designs — hand-drawn, detailed, and bright. It immediately catches your attention, and it would be hard to miss a gas station with such a logo.

Gasolien first logo

Picture 3 - Gasoline first logo


This logo of the Astros baseball team from Houston is a creative blast! The designer masterfully played out the sports theme and star theme (astro means star in Greek).  It is a beautiful example of using the essence of a brand in a logo.

Astros First Logo

Picture 4 - Astros First Logo

Pizza Hut

The Pizza Hut's more simplistic logo from the 80s has a very modern look even today. The roof in the logo makes us feel warm and safe, just like home.

Pizza Hut First Logo

Picture 5 - Pizza Hut First Logo

We hope that this throwback into past designs makes you feel inspired for your creations, checking what has been done is usually a good source of inspiration.

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