An AI redesign of Intel's Logo

Intel has a new logo, marking just the brand's third identity refresh in the past 51 years to modernise the it in its first design update since 2006. As with many recent rebrands, the design has been simplified, dropping its circular swirl in favour of a pared-back wordmark.

Intel Logo Redesign 2020

Picture 1 - Intel Logo Redesign 2020

It's only the third new look for Intel in its entire 51-year-history, making it a significant refresh but, dare we say it, one that has resulted in a distinct loss of personality (unlike some redesigns we have seen before). Intel says the rebrand "honours the past to forge the future", and the swirl-less design is indeed reminiscent of the original logo, in use from 1968 to 2006.

We don’t agree with this rebranding and its minimalist design without purpose.


First and second logo of Intel 

Picture 2 - First and second logo of Intel 

The original "dropped-e" logo was designed by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, who founded Intel. The blue insignia featured a clear sans-serif font. The "e" letter was placed lower than the "t" and "l", thus looking as if it has "fallen" from the line. The emblem was used from 1968 until the end of 2005.

Secondly, in that same year, the "swoosh" logo appeared comprising Intel’s new slogan "Leap Ahead". The "e" letter got back to its place in the line, the font became more unique, and a "swoosh" appeared around the word "Intel".

Something that is very noticeable is also the subtle light blue shade featured in the Intel logo. This symbolizes the company's power in the minds of people. Unlike warm colours like red or orange, which conjure up emotions, blue "speaks" to a person's intellect and conscience. Hardly a surprise it is often chosen to promote high-tech products and innovations connected with computers and the Internet. Also, blue symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, and tranquillity. The other colour used in the emblem, white, is basically just a negative background colour. Yet, come to think of it, white has its own symbolic meaning, representing purity and nobility.

This is some of the reasons why we find that this new and modern version of their logo design lacks something which should make us remind some of their story as a company. Although, as we previously mentioned, their 2020 redesign is for the better (in our opinion), it could have kept some elements from the previous ones.

In this article we will explore some redesigns made by Logo Bot, thinking into consideration what you are able to do with an AI logo maker and Intel’s past logo designs. The main focus here will be to adapt to modern designs while also keeping in mind their older designs.

Intel Logo vs Logo Bot

Picture 3 - Intel Logo vs Logo Bot

We have used our logo maker to recreate this iconic logo design. This is how most of us remember this company. It’s very challenging to redesign a logo like this one, where it has gained the power to ultimately represent the brand while being very simple. Let’s take an example of rebranding Nike’s Swoosh… impossible, right? However, one thing I genuinely enjoy about the remake from Logo Bot is that keeps the elements while changing the colour palette to a brighter one which feels way more appealing than the one on the left.

Current Intel logo 2020 vs Logo Bot remake

Picture 4 - Current Intel logo 2020 vs Logo Bot remake

These other remakes of Intel logos will mostly be inspired by what their company does, not as much by what their previous logos looked like. They take inspiration on what this 2020 rebranding could’ve looked like.

In this example, we change the font for a smoother one making it still look modern but still very on-brand.

Current Intel logo 2020 vs Logo Bot Remake

Picture 5 - Current Intel logo 2020 vs Logo Bot Remake

The Logo Bot remake on this one is inspired by the lack of motion in the current minimalist logo, so, on the remake, it pays respect to the old 2006 logo giving it some circular shapes.

Current Intel logo 2020 vs Logo Bot Remake

Picture 6 - Current Intel logo 2020 vs Logo Bot Remake

This remake takes the minimalism to the extreme, even some parts of the logo are filled with negative space, it’s a fun way to play with negative space. This is a nice alternative, you can also check more about negative space on our article about it.

Current Intel logo 2020 vs Logo Bot Remake

Picture 7 - Current Intel logo 2020 vs Logo Bot Remake

This last remake gives some colour to the logo, in this case, of a gradient. It looks very modern and on-brand. The round shapes of the typography really fit into place and help seal it all together.

We’re not sure if we are entirely convinced by this rebranding, but that won’t be up to us since it will be here to stay according to Intel.

However, we hope that this post can show you that even when you rebrand there’s a lot of options. If you are thinking about rebranding don’t forget to check our article on some rules to follow when doing a rebranding and of course, check our website and see if our AI logo maker can help you during that process.

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