How do you create a logo for your LinkedIn Profile?

Linkedin is the largest professional network community on the Internet that allows you to connect with colleagues from around the world. You can use it to find a job or internship, learn the skills you need to perform in a certain career and link or strengthen your professional relationships.

It’s owned by Microsoft, and despite its professional focus, it is very similar to social networks like Facebook, not only because it allows you to connect with all kinds of people but also because you can post updates, share content and message users. Your professional profile works like an online resume that allows other users or companies to see your work experience and accomplishments, the software skills you own and your recommendations. Like in printed resumes, Linkedin advises you to have a profile picture, which will add more credibility to your profile, and many of its users opt for a logo instead of a photography. But how can you get professional results without the help of a designer?

When talking about logos for social networks, logo-makers are the best solution, not only because they allow you quick results but also because you can work on your own ideas, which sometimes can be a challenge. That’s when Logo.Bot comes in, because not only it allows you to design your own logo, but it also guides you through all the process, like you are working with a real life designer.

In this article we are going to show you a step-by-step on how to create a logo for your Linkedin, so you can get a professional looking profile. Shall we begin?


Step 1 - Open Logo.Bot and Describe your Job

You should start by entering your name or even brand name and describe what you do for living to the Bot. Are you a veterinarian specialized in exotic animals? Write it down so that the LogoBot’s AI can search for the icons that will suit your career the best.

First step of creating a logo with LogoBot

Step 1 - Describe your Job

Step 2 - Pick your Colors

Now that it’s time to pick the palette of your logo, you should go for colors that are related to the industry itself, or that can evoke the right type of feelings. If you have no idea where to start, here’s an article on that.

Color Palettes on LogoBot

Step 2 - Picking the Logo Colors

Step 3 - Icon Choosing

In this step, it’s time for you to select up to 5 icons that best describe you or your job. Although the Bot already selected some keywords, you can always add more to the research and see which icons pop up.

Choosing Icons on LogoBot

Step 3 - Icon Preferences

Step 4 - Go through the Suggestions

The Bot will now start presenting you with logo suggestions that suit your career the most. Besides combinations with the icons you previously chose, he will show you customized logos like monograms that usually work really well in online resumes. Don’t worry if you don’t love any of the suggestions because in the next step you will be able to edit your logo as much as you need it.

LogoBot Suggestions

Step 4 - LogoBot Logo Suggestions

Step 5 - Edit your Logo

Now it’s the time where you have full control over your design. With LogoBot's editing tool you can personalize your logo in the most various ways, including changing the colors of your design, even on the icon itself. You can also choose the fonts you want to work with, change sizes and even add a tagline to your business. When you feel your logo is ready, click on the download button.

Editing on LogoBot

Step 5 - Editing your logo

Step 6 - Download your Design 

Finally you have your design ready to download, so you can upload it on your Linkedin profile. No matter what price package you chose, you will end up with high quality results that are suitable for the web. Although we always recommend having the Vector Files of your design, for your Linkedin profile picture you will only need a PNG.

Logo Designed by LogoBot

Step 6 - The Final Result

Step 7 - Upload your Linkedin Profile Picture

Now that you have downloaded your logo, just go to your Linkedin profile and upload your picture. Make sure that all the features in the logo are legible when in the circular frame, so it will make a good impression on the companies that will view your profile! If you also need to update your social media with your new logo, maybe this article will be helpful. See you soon!

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