How to make a profile picture for YouTube

Your YouTube logo is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot!

Creating your own YouTube logo doesn't have to be a hard task, especially with the help of an online logo maker. These online tools are here to be cheap, easy to use and to generate logos effortlessly, usually with the help of an algorithm.

If you're not a designer or don't have time to create your own logo design, you can always trust on Logo Bot to help you create the best logo design.

We'll guide you through how to get the best results for your Youtube Channel.

How to Choose the best Icon

People react really well to good branding, and that should be your strategy. You should aim to have distinguishable characteristics, on a platform like Youtube you will need to make yourself stand out from other creators. An effective logo design is one that evokes direct associations with the industry in which you’re involved, in this case, your Youtube brand.

If you’re already making content, you must have an idea of what an appropriate image for your YouTube logo will look like. On Logo Bot you can enter a keyword related to your industry and choose from a ton of different icons.

Picture 1 - Example of Icons for a Cooking Youtube Channel

These are some good examples of icons for a Cooking Youtube Channel.

If you don't have any ideas just put some keywords and scroll down to find more.

Picking the Right Colours

Don't let your personal preferences get above your brand, those can change over time! One thing that will remain constant is the meaning behind your colour. When you are creating a YouTube logo design, there is no such thing as "popular colours".
Youtube creators use a diverse spectrum of colours. Picking colour should capture the essence of what you’re doing, read about the psychology of colours and think about the emotions you want your Youtube Channel to evoke on your audience.


Picture 2 - Picking your logo colours

Your logo doesn’t have to be one plain colour. However, you don’t want to make it look like a bucket of paint just spilt (unless that's your brand). Our advice is to use up to three colours on your logo design. You should also avoid contrasting colours if you don’t want your design to look confusing.

How to choose your font

If you want to add text to your logo, use either your Youtube Channel name or a slogan. By doing so, you’ll make your channel easily associated with what you’re doing. Plus, you will keep your design clean.

However, picking the right font can be a confusing task since there's so many things to consider plus so many options! In our article “Top 20 Fonts for Logos in 2020”, we’ve covered some of the best Fonts you can use on your own Logo Design. Check out it for some great fonts.

Picture 3 - Readability of your Font

When you are picking a font for your design, make sure it will remain easy to read when scaled down. Avoid fonts that turn your logo text into a blurry stain when you scale it down. The example above is great.


Don't forget to make it simple. Big brands like Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonalds have logo designs which are very easy to remember and quite simple. You shouldn't add too many elements to your logo design. Avoid clutter on your logo design.

If you have a text-based logo, it’s better to stick to one font to ensure readability. If you must visually separate your channel name from your slogan, you can use two fonts. However, make sure they match and are legible.

Step by Step Guide on how to Create a Logo for your Youtube Channel

Step 1 - Write a brief description of your Youtube Channel

You should start by your name or even your Youtube Channel name and describe what you do.
Doesn't matter if it's a specific niche, write it down and LogoBot’s AI will search for the icons that will suit it!
If there's specific imagery you're looking for, feel free to also add it.

Picture 4 - Describe your Youtube Channel

Step 2 - Colours

It's time to pick the colours of your logo, you should go for the ones that are related to the industry you're in, or that can evoke the right type of feelings. If you have no idea where to start, here’s an article on that.

Picture 5 - Pick your logo design colours

Step 3 - Picking your Icons

In this step, it’s time for you to select up to 5 icons that best describe you or your job. Although the Bot already selected some keywords, you can always add more to the research and see which icons pop up, it's time to get creative!

Picture 6- Suggestions for your Youtube Channel

Step 4 - Suggestions

The Bot will now present you with logo suggestions that are appropriate for your brand and industry. It will also show you customised logos like monograms that usually work really well in online resumes. Don’t worry if you don’t find the perfect logo design at first sight, in the next step you will be able to adjust everything together!

Picture 7 - Suggestions for your Youtube Channel

Step 5 - Edit your Logo

When using LogoBot editing tool you can personalize your logo in many ways, including changing the colours of your design or the icon itself. You can also pick the fonts you want to work with, change sizes and even add a tagline. When you feel your logo is ready, click on the download button.

Picture 8 - Editing Screen

Step 6 - Download your Design

Once you have your design ready to download,  you can upload it on your Youtube Channel. No matter what price package you pick, you will always get the best quality.


Don't forget how important branding is for your YouTube Channel. Logo Bot offers you a great way to get started on your branding with a logo design which guarantees you excellent results!

We hope you find this article helpful with the process of creating a logo for your Youtube Channel.


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