How to Add Your Logo to a Powerpoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular Microsoft Office software. From school to business presentations, PowerPoint always helps you to put your ideas on slides. It's no wonder this is one of the most used software, it's very easy and simple to use, yet sometimes you might face some challenges, such as putting your logo on your presentation. A company logo in the corner of all PowerPoint slides in a presentation makes sure their viewers know which company this presentation comes from.

If you don't have a logo for your company or are about to rebrand, you can always try Logo Bot to create the best logo design. We also have included a free plan so you can try out and test it before you purchase your final logo design choice.

We'll guide you through how to get the best results for your Powerpoint Presentations below.

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Image 1 - Development of ideas

Why Brand the Presentation and How to Do That?

The strength of the brand is defined by its consistency, for example, customers must gain the same experience from communicating with the company at all points of contact. This is something to keep in mind when preparing a presentation for offline or online platforms: social media, exhibitions, webinars, and conferences.

The brand identity elements such as the logo, colours, and fonts will help you become recognized by the audience. Don’t be afraid of creating PowerPoint presentations with ready-made themes (templates). Just brand them to convey your unique message.

Attention to the details

Don't forget to use the company's logo design colours whenever it's possible (if it makes sense).
However, pay attention to the details we mention below:


Choose the background, text, and other colour shades on the slides (graphics, illustrations). They've got to be contrasting enough not to blend into a single spot.


The text should be fairly easy to read from far away. For instance, white font with a bright background is not a great combination since you won't be able to differentiate the text from the background.


Your task is not to distract the audience with the text, don't get too carried away with text since it's only there to pinpoint some information.

Font Size

A lot of people feel annoyed that the texts in presentations are written in small font size. Focus mainly on the size of the screen and the room if the event takes place offline. The text should even be visible from really far away. One tip is to test it out from the back rows before you present.

Font type

There are three main types of fonts: serif, sans serif, and script.
For the digital sphere, sans serif fonts (Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Lucida Sans, Tahoma, Verdana) are preferable as they are easily scaled and remain readable even in small resolution. Please, be cautious when using script fonts on your presentation as they can turn into scribbles very easily which don't make for the best readability.

Steps to put a logo on all your slides

  1. Choose View → Master → Slide Master
    Image 2 - Edit Your Master Slide

    When you click on Slide Master, you will have the Master view, meaning you are able to control how all your slides look.
  2. Choose Insert → Photo → Picture from File to open the Choose a Picture dialogue box
    Image 3 - Insert your logo from your files

    This will open your file explorer so you are able to pick your logo file.
  3. Select your logo file and click Insert
  4. Drag the graphic into a corner of the master slide and adjust the sizing until it looks right to you
    Image 4 - Move the logo to the preferred location
  5. Choose View → Normal to leave Slide Master view
    Image 5 - View Mode on PowerPoint

    If you need to readjust your logo for PowerPoint, choose View → Master → Slide Master to return to Slide Master view.

If you haven’t developed your corporate identity yet, we recommend you to create a free logo using our tool LogoBot. Designing your logo doesn't have to be a challenging task if you use our Bot to guide you through this process.

Don't forget to think through all the elements on your PowerPoint carefully, more important than having your logo on all your slides is being able to read your slides.



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