How to create a delicious food logo

Tasty food deserves the most delicious logo. A little effort, marketing research, and inspiration, and here you have an exquisite example of a logo. Today we want to share our best tips on how to turn a little idea into a great result regarding the food and drink industry.

Picture 1 - Famous Food Logos

  1. First of all, find out what the audience wants, and the biggest competitors in the market have. People are very different in India, Spain, or Paraguay. Knowing what your target audience expects and find appropriate must be your first interest.
  2. When you choose the colour scheme, use human psychology. Greens and blues calm us, and in food logos, they represent health and natural, fresh, organic food. Reds and yellows have a stable fast-food association in our minds, and those colours look very appetising to most humans.
  3. Creativity is key to a successful product logo. Try to play out the brand’s name creatively or make a logo with some inner joke. Food makes us happy so that a funny logo can do a great job in this matter.
  4. Emphasise the product or the main appeal of the place you are making the logo for. Nothing will convince the customer better than a delicious burger, waffles, or chicken on the logo.
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