How To Design Cartoon Logo For Your Brand

A fitting logo can create a fantastic impression for your brand. A logo is one of the most important visual identities of any brand. You have to pay attention to your logo design if you intend to create a long-lasting impression even in your absence. However, it is important to use a logo relevant to your business.


If you intend to create an amusing, fun, expressive, and friendly logo, cartoon logo design might just be the perfect fit for you. Colours and friendly fonts are some of the specific features of a cartoon logo, but other things can make cartoon logos stand out, and fit your business. Before creating a cartoon logo, it is important to know that it can make your business appear interesting and inviting if it comes out well, but might have a counter effect if it doesn't come out well.

Steps that can help you create a perfect cartoon logo for your brand:

  • Choose Cartoon Characters That Fits Your Brand: One of the things that can either turn people on or off about your logo is the character of your logo. The characters create the message your logo will pass about your brand. The characters and other elements of your logo should instantly connect people with your brand.
  • Decide How You Want The Logo To Look Like: this is where the real task begins. Deciding how you want the logo to look like can be quite demanding. This is because the decision made here will determine a whole lot of other features in your logo.
  • Choose Suitable Colors And Fonts: Exploring the human psychology of colours is very important when creating your cartoon logo. You should use colours that are attractive but not too flashy. Avoid combining too many colours in your logo, and it is preferable to use your brand colours [if you have any]. Likewise, you need a suitable font size, font type, as well as font colour to complement the colour of your logo. The legibility of your font is equally important.
  • Blend The Characters And Make It Flow: it is possible to have characters that are individually brilliant but don't blend. All the features, characters, and elements of your logo should blend well to make it appealing. Make sure all the characters of the cartoon logo complement each other.
  • Examine The Layout: Once you have blended the features of your cartoon logo, make sure the layout of the logo is in perfect order. Your audience should be able to pick the complete message in your logo at a glance, create interest, and possibly raise their curiosity on knowing more about your brand.

cartoon logo design


If properly designed, Cartoon design can help you create an amusing, fun, attractive, and fun logo that will make the audience create interest in your brand. However, one must pay keen attention while designing a logo to avoid getting a counter effect. A badly designed cartoon logo can make your brand seem silly and disconnected.

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