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People have gotten very interested about their privacy and how their data is managed. So let’s talk about an app which has been getting a lot of attention lately due to it's secure messaging.
Signal gives you encrypted messages, as well as voice and video calls. It relies on data, so it’s a great option for free calls and texts over wi-fi. This can be a huge advantage for those of us who don’t want to pay for SMS text messages and phone calls, or who want to make free international calls.
It's not only convenient, but security experts recommend Signal for a few different reasons. Signal is end-to-end encrypted, meaning that no one but your device and conversational partner’s device can read the messages you send. The team behind the software is a privacy centred nonprofit funded by grants and donations.

Perhaps most importantly, Signal is open source, meaning that the code is publicly viewable. It can be examined for potential security holes, and has stood up to auditing. All of these features make Signal one of the best options for boosting your communication security.

Getting started with Signal

First, find Signal for iPhone or Android here, or search for it in the App Store or Google Play store. It only works with other Signal users, so get your friends to use it too.
When you first launch the app, it will ask you to verify your phone number.

iPhone users: Type in your number and hit “Activate This Device.” You’ll receive a six-digit code via SMS text message, then type in the code and hit “Submit Verification Code.”

Android users: Type in your phone number, hit “Register” wait for the app to verify your phone number. When it finishes, it will ask if you want to make Signal your default messaging app, which will allow you to receive both SMS messages and Signal messages on the app. That’s up to you, but it’s important to remember that Signal will not encrypt conversations with anyone using regular old SMS text messages.

Click the messaging icon (with the pencil). From here, you can message your contacts who have installed the app. Click on someone who you want to talk to. Just type and send your message. From inside the conversation, you can also click the phone icon in the top right corner to start an encrypted call.

Get fancy with security

Make messages disappear

If you want to delete a specific message, press and hold the message. When the menu pops up, click "Delete" because Signal stores all of your messages locally and not on a remote server, you are only deleting the message on your personal device. Your conversational partner may still have them.
If you and your conversational partner want to get rid of messages after a certain amount of time by default, there’s a way to do that.

iPhone users: Click on your conversational partner’s name at the top of the screen to open the conversations settings menu.
Android users: Click the settings icon (three dots) in the top right corner. Click "Disappearing Messages".

Use the slider to change the amount of time you’d like to wait before messages disappear after they’ve been viewed — anywhere from 5 seconds to a week. Again, messages will disappear for both you and your conversational partner. If you change your mind later, you can always change your settings from this menu, or remove disappearing messages.

iPhone users: To delete all messages across all of your contacts, click the settings icon in the top left and navigate to Privacy > Clear History Logs.

Lock screen notification security

Even when your phone is locked, someone with physical access can still read the message and sender name on your lock screen. But we can fix that.

iPhone users: You can find these settings under Settings > Notifications > “Show.” On this page, you can have Signal display sender name and message, sender name only, or no name or message.
Android users: Device > Sound & notification > When device is locked. On this page, you can have Signal show all notifications, “Hide sensitive information content” or don’t show notifications at all. If you still want alerts but don’t want names or messages visible on your lock screen, hit “Hide sensitive information content.”

Now your messages aren’t readable on your lock screen.

Session verification

On most messengers, there is no way to know that your message isn’t intercepted by a third party. With Signal, you can verify that the current conversation is secure for both messages and calls. Consider verifying your session for sensitive conversations.
You can verify your session with safety numbers. Open a conversation with someone.

For iPhone, click the person’s name at the top of the screen, and tap “Show Safety Number.” On Android, click the Settings > Conversation settings > Verify safety numbers. From there, you’ll see a QR code and your safety numbers.

If you and your conversational partner are seeing the same numbers, your session is secure. You want to verify that your numbers match on a different channel — for example, over Twitter DMs, Facebook, Google Hangouts, or a regular old phone call.
If you’re in person with someone, one of you can click “Scan code.” Scan the other person’s QR code with your camera.
You won’t need to verify safety numbers again until someone starts a new session (e.g., when someone gets a new phone).

Signal is not bulletproof

Perhaps it goes without saying, but encryption won’t help with someone who has physical access to your unlocked phone. If you haven’t done so, password protect your device. Exit Signal and turn on your passcode.

iPhone users: Settings app > Touch ID & Passcode
Android users: Settings app > Security > Screen lock

Remember that strong encryption won’t help if your device or your partner’s device is compromised with malware. For example, some kinds of malware are designed to send screenshots of your messages to a remote hacker. The best defense is to simply install new software updates for Signal and your device itself. These updates usually contain valuable security patches; get them as soon as possible.

If your phone is ever lost or stolen, thieves can copy and read data off the device, including your encrypted messages. Luckily it’s pretty easy to protect your device with disk encryption. If you use a modern password-protected iPhone, your device is already encrypted. A few Android devices are encrypted by default (e.g., the Google Pixel line). Android users can enable disk encryption in minutes.

Signal retains nearly no metadata (who spoke to whom, when, and the length of a call). Importantly, however, it’s not designed to prevent live eavesdroppers from capturing metadata.

iPhone users: Signal lets you see your Signal call history from your phone app, like any other call. This might be convenient, but may also allow your iPhone to sync this call history with iCloud (including who spoke to whom, when, and the call length).

If you use iCloud and don’t want to upload call history on Signal, double check that it’s turned off: Settings > Privacy > Show Calls in Recents > Disabled.

Signal will occasionally drop calls or texts, and because it relies on data, there will be times you’ll prefer to use phone minutes instead. We need regular phone calls and texts sometimes. That’s okay. But we can protect more of our communications and encourage our friends to do the same.

How to create a logo for Signal?

Step 1 - Meet Logo.Bot and describe your company

You should start by your name or even brand name and describe what you do for living our Bot.
Doesn't matter if you are a small bakery or a luxurious clothing brand,  write it and LogoBot’s AI will search for the icons that will suit your company!

Logo Bot step 1

Picture 1 - Logo Bot Initial Step

Step 2 - Colour Palette

It's time to pick the colours of your logo, you should go for the ones that are related to the industry you're in, or that can evoke the right type of feelings. If you have no idea where to start, here’s an article on that.

Logo Bot Step 2

Picture 2 - Logo Bot pick your favourite colour

Step 3 - Pick your Icons

In this step, it’s time for you to select up to 5 icons that best describe you or your job. Although the Bot already selected some keywords, you can always add more to the research and see which icons pop up, it's time to get creative!

Logo Bot Pick an Icon

Picture 3 - Logo Bot Pick an Icon

Step 4 - Suggestions

The Bot will now present you with logo suggestions that are appropriate for your brand and industry. It will also show you customised logos like monograms that usually work really well in online resumes. Don’t worry if you don’t find the perfect logo design at first sight, in the next step you will be able to adjust everything together!

Logo Bot Suggestions

Picture 4 - Logo Bot Suggestions

Step 5 - Edit your Logo

When using LogoBot editing tool you can personalize your logo in many ways, including changing the colours of your design or the icon itself. You can also pick the fonts you want to work with, change sizes and even add a tagline to your business. When you feel your logo is ready, click on the download button.

Logo Bot Editing

Picture 5 - Logo Bot Editing

Step 6 - Download your Design

Once you have your design ready to download,  you can upload it on your Signal profile. No matter what price package you chose, you will end up with high-quality results that are suitable for the web.

How to upload your new logo design to Signal?

Step 1 - Open the Signal app on your mobile device

Step 2 - Tap your account icon at the top left of the screen to open the Settings menu (which will either be an image or just your initials).

Step 3 - Tap your avatar, name, or Signal number.

On your Profile page, tap your current profile avatar. In the pop-up, choose the option to set your new picture. You can snap a photo using the camera or choose a photo from your camera roll.

It is recommended to put a logo as your Business Photo instead of a third-party image. The smallest size is 192 x 192 pixels.

Picture 6 - Signal App Settings

If you ever want to change your Business Logo due to a redesign, this is the menu you should go to. However, if you haven’t developed your corporate identity yet, we recommend you to create a free logo using our tool LogoBot. Designing your logo doesn't have to be a challenging task if you use our Bot to guide you through this process.

Let us know your experience using Signal, we hope this article helps you understand a bit better how important it is to have privacy specially for your Business.

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