How to make a logo for the Triller Social Video Platform?

Video-led social apps are the latest trend when it comes to social media, so it’s very likely you’re considering taking your business to them. Since President Donald Trump threatened to ban one of the most used social media platforms (TikTok) from the United States, many companies are searching for other options, and we believe Triller is the answer.


But what is Triller?

Triller was born in 2015 and it is essentially a music video app that allows users to record their own high-quality music videos and share them with the world. But is it like TikTok? Not really.

Although they both allow you to choose a song and record a video to it, the apps are somewhat different. Triller is considered the “adult version” of TikTok, which will be key to give a more mature image of your brand to the public.

This app uses an AI based editing tool that automatically adds effects like slow motion and text to your videos, giving them a very polished and professional look. The other reason behind them looking so good is the fact that Triller doesn’t give the users manual control over the editing, which ends up in expert results that are great for brands that want to be or look successful on social media.

Besides that, this platform is also great for businesses that are still not much established in the market, tending to promote recent/ newer videos on its feed, no matter what the user has liked or viewed. So, when opening Triller’s discover page you will notice that it’s filled with promotion campaigns and top videos.

Triller now has more than 65 million users worldwide and has been downloaded over 250 million times. Among its users are some very well known celebrities like Cardi B, Alicia Keys and even Donald Trump.


Building a Logo for Triller

The best and easiest way of creating a social media logo is through logo makers, but there are so many on the Internet right now that it can get very overwhelming. So, in this article, we’re going to show you a step-by-step on how to create a Triller Icon with Logo.Bot, which is very simple to use. So, let’s start!

1. What type of content will you post on your account?

First things first, start by choosing which name you will want to show on your profile and write it down on Logo.Bot. Usually, people go for their own names, nicknames or even their brand names. Although the name on your profile is important (especially because it will be relevant to our bot), we advise you to don’t use it on your user’s image, since the Triller icon size is too small for it to show up, or at least, have legibility.

Next, tell the Bot what you pretend to post on the platform. Will you be showing your dancing skills or promoting your own clothing line? It’s all up to you! Just write it down so that our AI can search for the proper icons that will suit your account the best.

Talking about your Page

Image 1. Describing your page to the Bot

2. Choose your Colors

Now it’s time for you to select your preferred colors. Choosing them randomly is never a good idea, so we recommend you to search information online about the meaning behind colors and the feelings they evoke. Don’t forget, colors do speak, and they are a major trade on a brand’s identity. If you need some help on colors, here’s an article that will definitely give you some lights: Logo Colors: What suits my brand the best?

Choosing Colors on LogoBot

Image 2. Choosing your Logo Colors

3. Picking Icons

After you select your colors, it’s time to choose the icons that most suit you. By this time and based on how detailed you were in the first step, the Bot already selected the keywords he believes are the most suitable, and presented you the icons. If you feel like you need more options, you can always add more keywords to the search.

Important tip: choose an icon that will properly fit into a circle without looking off. Of course this is not mandatory, but don’t forget your logo must fit the circular frame of Triller’s profile image.

Selecting Icons

Image 3. Selecting Icons

4. Select one of the Recommendations

This is probably the most easy step of the process. The Bot will now present you with his suggestions so you can start picking some options. Besides versions with the icons you chose previously, he will present you logos with monograms and personalized icons so your brand identity will look even more distinguishable! If you don’t love any of these, do not worry, because you will be able to edit your logo easily in the next step.

Recommendations from LogoBot

Image 4. LogoBot Recommendations

5. Editing

It is now time for you to edit your logo. We would recommend you to choose a bold background color, or at least, a color that it’s not white or black, so your profile picture will stand out from the others on the platform.

When it comes to the icon color itself, go for a neutral tone if you have a vibrant background color or vice-versa. Always remember: don’t combine a bold background with a bold icon because it will look too busy, but also don’t combine a neutral background with a light-colored icon because it will look too dull. Balance is key!

Finally we have the name of your profile, that for now it is not that important. Here, your main concern should be that the type is not very close to the icon, in a way that Triller will not crop your logo when you upload it to the circular frame. In this example, we went for a black and white Initial that evoked movement, and combined it with a bold purple background.

Picking a Initial on LogoBot

Image 5. Monograms you can choose from

6. Download the your Triller Logo

Now that we came to an end, it’s time for you to download your logo. Depending on the price package you choose, Logo.Bot will provide you different image formats, but it will always include a High-Quality PNG that is perfect for the Web. If you need some help on Image File Extensions so you can decide on your package wisely, here’s an article on that.

Final Results from LogoBot

Image 6. Final Logo


Now that you have designed your own Triller Logo like a pro, it is time to upload it to your profile. In the modern times we live it’s important to be up with the social media trends, mainly because it will give recognition to your business.

Video-led social apps are quickly becoming the most popular on the Internet, which makes creating a Triller profile for your brand a wise decision.

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