How to make a logo for Whatsapp Business?

Are you looking for a powerful communication tool with customers? We recommend you to bookmark this article as we have compiled a guide on how to implement and use WhatsApp for your business!

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API is a business chat app designed to communicate with customers, sending them important notifications and strengthen loyalty in real-time!

WhatsApp Ecosystem

Picture 1 - WhatsApp Ecosystem

WhatsApp Business is built for small business and is available on Android, iOS and PC while WhatsApp Business API is a solution for bigger companies. You need to submit a request through the official form in order to access it.

whatsapp business

Picture 2 - Whatsapp Business

Key Differences between Whatsapp and WhatsApp Business:

  • you create a business profile with your company contact information: name, type of business, address, phone number, and website;
  • access to usage statistics: number of messages sent, delivered, read and received;
  • automate customer communication: pre-set responses, sending welcome messages, shortcut or labelling chats
  • business profiles are visually different regular WhatsApp profiles: companies with a verified phone number get a grey checkmark next to their name while well-known brands get a green one.
  • you can showcase and share your products and services within your business account by creating a catalog: you can learn how to create a catalog on Android or iPhone
Whatsapp Business Automation

Picture 3 - WhatsApp Business Automations

How to create a logo for your Whatsapp Business?

Step 1 - Meet Logo.Bot and describe your company

You should start by your name or even brand name and describe what you do for living our Bot.
Doesn't matter if you are a small bakery or a luxurious clothing brand,  write it and LogoBot’s AI will search for the icons that will suit your company!

Logo Bot step 1

Picture 4 - Logo Bot Initial Step

Step 2 - Colour Palette

It's time to pick the colours of your logo, you should go for the ones that are related to the industry you're in, or that can evoke the right type of feelings. If you have no idea where to start, here’s an article on that.

Logo Bot Step 2

Picture 5 - Logo Bot pick your favourite colour

Step 3 - Pick your Icons

In this step, it’s time for you to select up to 5 icons that best describe you or your job. Although the Bot already selected some keywords, you can always add more to the research and see which icons pop up, it's time to get creative!

Logo Bot Pick an Icon

Picture 6 - Logo Bot Pick an Icon

Step 4 - Suggestions

The Bot will now present you with logo suggestions that are appropriate for your brand and industry. It will also show you customised logos like monograms that usually work really well in online resumes. Don’t worry if you don’t find the perfect logo design at first sight, in the next step you will be able to adjust everything together!

Logo Bot Suggestions

Picture 7 - Logo Bot Suggestions

Step 5 - Edit your Logo

When using LogoBot editing tool you can personalize your logo in many ways, including changing the colours of your design or the icon itself. You can also pick the fonts you want to work with, change sizes and even add a tagline to your business. When you feel your logo is ready, click on the download button.

Logo Bot Editing

Picture 8 - Logo Bot Editing

Step 6 - Download your Design

Once you have your design ready to download,  you can upload it on your Whatsapp Business profile. No matter what price package you chose, you will end up with high-quality results that are suitable for the web.

How to upload your new logo design to Whatsapp Business?

Step 1 - Download it

Download the application for free from the App Store or Google Play Store

Whatsapp Business Google Play Store

Picture 9 - Whatsapp Business Google Play Store

Step 2  - Associate your business account with a phone number.

It is recommended to use the official company phone number as this will allow the app to check the authenticity of your account and give you the status of a "verified account".

It is important to make sure that the number used to register the business account will be able to receive calls and SMS messages. Landline or mobile numbers will work, but not the toll-free 1800 numbers.

Changing your personal account to a WhatsApp Business account allows you to transfer your personal conversation history to your business account. However, changing from a business profile back to a personal one is impossible, so in that case, it's best if you purchase a new phone number as an official company phone number.

Step 3 - Your Business Name and Business Category

Business names consist of 3 to 256 characters. They shouldn't contain emoticons, symbols, inappropriate punctuation marks and any variations of the word "WhatsApp".

Business category can be selected from a list which contains 17 different industries, including the option "other".

Step 4 - Fill your Company Information

Click on the menu icon and select Settings > Business settings > Company profile. Next, click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner and fill in all the fields: photo, company address, description (products, services, features, benefits, opening hours, email, website address. When all the fields are filled, save the changes by selecting the Save button.

WhatsApp Business Profile

Picture 10 - WhatsApp Business Profile

It is recommended to put a logo as your Business Photo instead of a third-party image. The smallest size is 192 x 192 pixels.

WhatsApp Business Logo Design

Picture 11- WhatsApp Business Logo Design

If you ever want to change your Business Logo due to a redesign, this is the menu you should go to. However, if you haven’t developed your corporate identity yet, we recommend you to create a free logo using our tool LogoBot. Designing your logo doesn't have to be a challenging task if you use our Bot to guide you through this process.

WhatsApp for business has already become a breakthrough in the field of customer management and sales, so we recommend joining those who are already reaping off the benefits on this new platform. And if you are already using WhatsApp Business, please share your experience and feedback in the comments below.

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