How to use your logo on social media

Creating your own company and its branding is only the beginning of an exciting path to your success and your own page in business history. All great companies began with an exceptional idea and… an awesome logo. You know, unforgettable, recognizable, and creative. So now, you have it! Your marketing team prepares to use and embrace the new logo all over the internet, thereby increasing the exposure of your brand.

One of the most important places where you can and should use your logo is your official social media pages. Do not have them yet? That isn’t good because it is essential in our digital era to make your brand as visible as possible. In this article, we will explore how and where you should use your logo in social media.


Your first steps

Using your logo in social media expands your online appearance. Firstly, take a good look at your social media presence. Do you have active pages on every major and necessary platform? Today every company should have official pages at least on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Your pages must have full information about your brand, be active and alive. There’s nothing worse for the company’s reputation than dead pages on Facebook or Instagram.

Social Media Network

Picture 1- Social Media Network

Essential rules of using the logo on social media

  1. Use the right formatting. There are different formats you can use when you upload your logo picture on social media. Some of them can be used everywhere, but some of them can be used only in particular places. When you or your logo designer creates the profile picture for the socials, make sure that you will get at least PNG, JPEG, and JPG versions. PNG is the most important one because you can resize the PNG version of the image without losing quality.
  2. Correct sizing. Social media images look very alike for non-professionals, but every platform has its own standard sizing of the core elements of the page. Make sure that your designer had envisaged all the possible variations and sizes of the logo before he sent them to you.
  3. Use different versions but always be consistent. Your final goal is to make your brand recognisable on the web and offline. Various versions of the logo can be used on different parts of the page: for example, you can upload a symbol of your logo as a profile picture and use a symbol + a wordmark on a cover banner. But, they should complement each other, and the main point is that you should similarly use them: in the same place, same fonts, in one colour scheme, etc.
  4. There is no such thing as enough testing. To make sure that your logo looks incredible on every social media, you need to test it. Open every social media page you have on different devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones) and various browsers (Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome). This way, you can find if your logo looks correctly for every possible user that will once see your social media pages.
  5. Use the logo everywhere. If you think where you can use your logo, your first thought is to put it on the cover, maybe on the first post, and that’s it! But that is not the right approach. Try to use the logo on every post on your page, brand the pictures, and every other visual content. It will make your page look a lot more professional.


How to upload  the logo

It can be intimidating to guess where to put the logo on your social media page since every one of them has a different design. Our small guide will help you to upload your logo's image fast and to avoid all issues on your way.

Social Media Network

Picture 2 - Social Media Logos


One of the major platforms on the internet, Facebook, is a crucial point on your way to the full and perfect online presence. You can create a new public page to put all the important information about your company. Your future customers will be able to share their opinions, look for your relevant contacts, and speak to you when needed on your page.  So, when you want to put your logo on your Facebook page, here is your guide:

  1. The logo should be at least 400x150 pixels.
  2. You can upload the photo by clicking on the camera icon on the right corner of your business page and next choosing the “Upload photo.”
  3. You can use the JPG or PNG image for your profile picture.
  4. Facebook gives you an option to edit the photo if you need, to put it on the right spot.


With the rise of visual content’s popularity on the internet, more simple and approachable ways to give people information began to prevail on social media. It all caused the invention and further popularity of Instagram, the picture-perfect social media. Your online presence on this platform is highly important since it is the major website used by millennials and Gen Z’s. Follow our tips to learn how to put your logo on your Instagram page:

  1. The maximum logo size for the Instagram main photo is 180x180 pixels; the best sizing for this photo is 110x100 pixels.
  2. PNG format is the best choice for Instagram, but you can add a PNG file only when you use a smartphone Instagram app. Just open the app and click on your icon, and upload the logo. Do not forget to check how the logo looks in the desktop version of Instagram!


LinkedIn may be not very fancy social media., but it is an essential one. Nowadays, a lot of future employees look for their prospective employers on LinkedIn. Your company will look much more professional with a proper LinkedIn profile. So, speaking about a logo, this is how you should upload it on your LinkedIn page:

  1. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn uses a rectangular box for the logo. It would help if you considered it when planning your logos.
  2. PNG logos are preferred on LinkedIn’s pages, and the best dimensions for the image is 300x300 pixels.
  3. Uploading the new image is very easy: just click on the “Edit” button on your profile picture and then select Upload.


The mighty Twitter can make you famous with one twit. Being on twitter is crucial for companies because it is the place where you can speak to your customers, answer questions, and make announcements. It is one of the most vocal public socials, and your twitter account mirrors your reputation in the industry. A logo is one of the most important visual components of your Twitter account, so do not hesitate and upload one. And we will tell you how to do it:

  1. You can use either PNG or JPG image for your profile photo on your Twitter account.
  2. Twitter offers you an option to resize your profile image before uploading, but the best dimensions for this photo is 400x400 pixels.
  3. To put your logo on the profile, you should go to the Edit Profile menu and upload the image.


Last but not least, the great and famous YouTube! Almost every big company and the vast majority of small and medium ones, now invest money into the videos on YouTube. We believe that the future is with YouTube, so creating your channel and using your logo on this platform should be a priority for your company. How to add the logo on your channel, you may ask? Here’s how:

  1. YouTube is very forgiving regarding the format of the profile picture. You can use PNG, BMP, JPG, or GIF images for your profile photo. As for the best size, we recommend you to stick with 800x800 pixel logos.
  2. To upload the image, you need to click on your channel picture, and next, find the My channel menu. After that, you can click a little camera sign on your profile picture and upload your logo.


Your logo is a reflection of your company. One small symbol can tell your customers everything about your company’s idea, style, and methods. You can win or lose with your logo, but if you’ve got the perfect one, the best you can do is to show the world how great it is. Using your logo on your social media is an essential part of marketing strategy, and now you know all the necessary information on why, how, and where you should use your logo on social media.

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