New Google Workspace Logo Re-Design Rolling Out

It looks like Google is replacing its product logos with a more coherent design with the other products they have, this comes with the conversion of the G Suite becoming Google Workspace.
One of the first changes was to the Gmail logo. This new logo is more closely aligned with other Google products such as Google Play Store and Google Drive, as well as Google Maps.

All Products on Google's Workspace

Picture 1 - All Products on Google's Workspace

The iconic red and white logo that appears has remained constant as long as we have Google's email service Gmail.
Google has replaced the iconic Gmail envelope logo with a design that matches other Google products. The new Gmail logo is now an "M", showing Google's iconic brand colours such as blue, red, yellow and green.

Gmail logo draft

new gmail logo 2020

Picture 3 - New Gmail Logo Design

Unifying Products with Colour

Colour is one of the first things you notice about something, and you can easily recognise colours even in peripheral vision. So having a clear colour is important for writing and designing in many ways. Why do you think companies are so crazy about all the different shades of blue?

This is one of the reasons why the icons of the most popular Google apps are so easy to distinguish. The red colour of Gmail dates back a decade or more, and the blue of the Calendar is also quite old. The blue-green of Meet probably should have just stayed green like its predecessor Hangouts, but at least it's a little different.

Google logos before and after

Picture 4 - Google Workspace Icons before and after

The new icon for Gmail may not seem like a big deal, but it is an important service that is used by millions of people around the world. Just as Instagram has decided to delight its fans and return to its classic Polaroid icon after all this time, Google is introducing a new, more modern and user-friendly email icon that will serve much longer, but does not retain most of the elements that made the old icons unique. These days, when you enter your Google Workspace, it's almost impossible to tell the product logos apart, so you will wonder if the redesign did not consider the readability of the icons.

When you look at picture 4 you are able to get some insights on how this revamp of Google Products was done, the colours definitely stand out but when you put them all together they start losing sense. Google has already started with the rollout for their new icons so we will slowly see the new icons coming, even though it's one of the most visual changes they've had in the last years we hope their customers can adapt to these changes without any issues.


Gmail first Logo Design

Picture 5 - Gmail first Logo Design

Google has always played their icons in a subtle way where it has added shadows to the icon here and there but now that a total revamp of their icons is on its way. The only major icon revamps in the Gmail icon until was when Google shifted to Material Design guidelines in 2013.


However, it may be difficult to adapt, because when most of them were first developed, they were intended to be stand-alone products. Later they have become so integrated that the lines between their products have disappeared. If anything, this rebranding represents Google's commitment to providing a more connected experience for its users.

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