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New Google Workspace Logo Re-Design Rolling Out

It looks like Google is replacing its product logos with a more coherent design with the other products they have, this comes with the conversion of the G Suite becoming Google Workspace. One of the first changes was to the Gmail logo. This new logo is more closely aligned with […]

How to make a logo for the Triller Social Video Platform?

Video-led social apps are the latest trend when it comes to social media, so it’s very likely you’re considering taking your business to them. Since President Donald Trump threatened to ban one of the most used social media platforms (TikTok) from the United States, many companies are searching for other […]

How do you create a logo for your LinkedIn Profile?

Linkedin is the largest professional network community on the Internet that allows you to connect with colleagues from around the world. You can use it to find a job or internship, learn the skills you need to perform in a certain career and link or strengthen your professional relationships. It’s […]

Facebook Image Sizes and Dimensions for 2021: Full Guide

Is landscape a better image ratio than a square image? Or do you want to go with a vertical picture instead? Get all your questions sorted out in this fast and detailed guide to the recommended image sizes for Facebook. Why worry about Facebook Page image sizes? Creating engaging images […]

An AI redesign of Intel's Logo

Intel has a new logo, marking just the brand's third identity refresh in the past 51 years to modernise the it in its first design update since 2006. As with many recent rebrands, the design has been simplified, dropping its circular swirl in favour of a pared-back wordmark. It's only […]

5 great retro logos for inspiration

Vintage and retro logos often come and go out of fashion. They've always been a source of inspiration to many designers. Here we gathered the top list of beautiful retro logos to spark your future ideas! Pepsi The secret of this logo is its beautiful but recognisable font. Simplistic logos […]

Top 11 Image Files Extensions and Where to Use Them

There are many different types of image file extensions, and each one is optimized for a certain use, whether that be digitally through a screen or printed through a t-shirt. So if you’re feeling lost when it comes to choosing between a JPG or a PNG, don’t worry because file […]

How to use your logo on social media

Creating your own company and its branding is only the beginning of an exciting path to your success and your own page in business history. All great companies began with an exceptional idea and… an awesome logo. You know, unforgettable, recognizable, and creative. So now, you have it! Your marketing […]