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What is Flat Design?

The minimalist approach to the logo and website design became a new normal in the 21 century. All designers and customers love the simple but elegant look of the flat interfaces and branding. The flat design style uses two-dimensional images, elements, and vibrant colours in logos, packaging, websites, banners, etc. […]

PPI vs DPI: A Guide to Digital and Print

A pixel is nothing but a little tiny dot. Before understanding the meaning for PPI or DPI it is relevant to know what a pixel actually is. The term 'pixel' comes from the terms 'picture' and 'element,' which are the smallest measurements in the digital image. The more pixels you […]

3 stories behind the most famous logos in the world

Today we bring you three different logo design tales and how they came to be the giants that they are today. Usually, you wouldn't even need to mention anything else besides they logo design and you would be able to recognise instantly. From coffee to streetwear here they are: Starbucks […]

The Difference Between a Brand and a Logo

Logo or Brand? Brand or logo? You can often hear that these terms are synonyms, and both are just a visual representation of your company. Well, we must tell you that the truth is a little bit more complicated. But, what is the difference, and does it even matter? Let's […]

The Art of Making a Luxury Logo

Creating a splendid logo for a company that sells luxury products is a great challenge. An exciting challenge, may we say. Still, it can be an intimidating process to meet your client's high as stars needs. So, where to begin? Asking your client about his brand’s history, idea, and principles […]

Where Should You Use Your Logo

Creating your company's logo is a huge milestone on the way to its success. When you get it, you should use the logo in all the right places. But, how can you be sure that you made everything the best way? Just use our check-list, and find out if your […]

Why a Minimalist Logo is a Great Idea For Your Business

When it comes to making a logo that stands out from the ordinary line of other companies identities, you can start to wonder if less is more? We definitely think that it is! Designing a complex logo design is not in trend right now for a lot of reasons. A […]

100 Logos that use negative space amazingly

Is Less More? Arguably, you could agree and disagree, depending on what the situation is. If you’re talking about cheese on your pizza, the answer is obvious (unless you’re lactose intolerant). However, what about design, is less really more? What about detailed, beautifully conceived and designed pieces? Are they any […]