The Art of Making a Luxury Logo

Creating a splendid logo for a company that sells luxury products is a great challenge. An exciting challenge, may we say. Still, it can be an intimidating process to meet your client's high as stars needs.

Luxury Brands Logos

So, where to begin?

Asking your client about his brand’s history, idea, and principles is a great starting point. You should learn not only about the service they provide or the products they sell but the message they want to send to their customers. It can give a lot of unorthodox and creative logo ideas otherwise lost in lack of communication.

Another essential part of this creative process is paying attention to the biggest competitors on the market. They've reached success, therefore they did something right. Look what in common among them, what's different, and make a summary of this information.

Our last advice is to keep it simple. Luxury brands should be unreachable, but understandable for most of the people. Great brands like Chanel, Dior, or Mercedes have the simplest logos, but so enigmatic that you begin to want their products even if you don't need them. We know that it is rather tough to make something fabulous out of a simple
concept, but it is the way for brilliant ideas to be born.

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