The Logo History of Coca-Cola

The Coca-cola beverage or just coke is a household name all around the world. For more than 130 years, we enjoy and love this classic drink and get inspired by its magnificent logo. But did you know that this logo had a tremendous evolution?

1886 - The first logo. Simple letters on the white background. Back then, Coca-cola was used as a delicious cough remedy.

The 1900s - The first label and the first time when the brand starts playing fonts and uses the famous font created by Frank Robinson. This logo’s style looks very 1900s, and we can see why coke was so popular back then.

The 1960s - Introduction of the wave. The famous wave under the Coca-cola logo was added to represent the dynamic growth of the company.

The 1980s - The new Coke logo was introduced to celebrate adding Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, and other new additions to the Coca-Cola family.

logo evolution of coca-cola

Picture 1 - Logo Evolution of Coca-Cola

The 1990s - The Coca-Cola Red Disc (created in the 1950s) now got new 3D elements to make it look modern.

2003 - The classic wave was complemented with new yellow detailing and bubbles. These additions made the logo look very dynamic.

2007 - Back to classics. A simple but timeless logo from the 1940s is now back in the game.

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