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So you're thinking about creating your logo. That sounds like an easy task! Draw a rectangle, type the name of your company, and you're done. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a professional logo for business success, there's a lot more than that. 

There are a thousand ways to go through the business logo design process. How are you going to create a strong brand image? How can you differentiate your brand from competitors? Keep reading to make sure you do it.

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Expert tip: Online Logo Makers

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your hands on the job, start by experimenting using an online logo maker. This can be a great way to start your custom logo design, which you can build and customise.


Make it simple but convincing

People are easily attracted by visual elements. You're not going to try to get too many layers and details underneath the business logo design, people prefer simple, uncomplicated graphics. Simple logos are really easy to remember.



Company’s values & message


This one is essential for successful logo design, you need to understand your company’s values and culture since this will help people understand your brand better. It’s also important to choose the colours wisely, as each of the colours has different meanings. When you design your logo you shouldn’t forget that it needs to reflect the brand values as well as the products and services that are being sold.


Adaptive logo design


In the times we live, there are many places where your logo will be displayed so it is important that it will look the best in all of them. Make sure that you can adapt your custom logo from digital media to physical. It should look perfect from website banners to billboards.

Responsive logos

Picture 1 - via


Pick the correct package


It’s only normal to get confused with the many options you have with online services to create logo online for your business. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you should always pick an option which lets you have vector files since those will let you scale your logo without losing any quality.


Design it for the future


You should have your design display the message of your brand without getting outdated in the near future. Avoid falling into the mistake of falling into logo design trends, it can get a bit tiring and saturated to see the same design all over the place.
Think outside the box and don’t be scared of any new ideas. 

Points to remember:

Selection of Icon

It is considered as one of the basic steps of logo design. While selecting any icon, it is important to choose one that resembles your industry and business theme. It is necessary because it will convey a message regarding your business theme and in a situation where you need to adapt, you can use just your icon.


Color meanings

Picture 2 - Color meanings

While designing your business logo, the colour scheme is something you must not forget. It’s one of the factors that makes it attractive and unique. Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green and violet are among the list of famous colours that are mostly used by the big brands!


A catchphrase is important for a brand mostly if you want people to remember it easily and for long term.

Some of the best examples of this practice are McDonald’s with their catchphrase “I’m loving it”, it was used in everything related to their brand which made it extremely popular and catchy.

catchphrase logo

Picture 3 - via McDonald's

In short, creating a catchy slogan or tagline is a key element when branding your company.

Font Selection

When it comes to font selection you have to be really careful. You should test your typefaces carefully and make sure you don’t use more than two different fonts in the same logo design, even though there are some exceptions we don’t recommend it

Logo Typography

Picture 4 - some examples of Google Fonts

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Let’s recap!

Try to understand your brand from the inside out. Your company’s logo is more than just colours, shapes and fonts. You’ll need it so you can understand what message you want to convey.

Don’t settle for what is currently trending in terms of design, go for what you feel like it would be the best in your case (and your competition).


Remember that professional logos are adaptable, they can size up or down without losing their meaning and shapes.


Also if you feel like trying it yourself, use an online logo maker! It gives you the chance of trying many designs which you can customise and adapt as you like.

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