What is Flat Design?

The minimalist approach to the logo and website design became a new normal in the 21 century. All designers and customers love the simple but elegant look of the flat interfaces and branding. The flat design style uses two-dimensional images, elements, and vibrant colours in logos, packaging, websites, banners, etc.

Picture 1 - Flat Design Examples

Picture 1 - Flat Design Examples

You can wonder why is the flat design became so popular? There's a couple of reasons:
With the rise of smartphones and their importance in our lives, flat design became so great because of their exceptional mobile-friendliness
Those designs are easy to remember and create stable associations with companies.
Flat designs are bold and bright. That makes them very pleasing to the eyes.

A lot of companies rebrand their logos to keep them up to date. In this picture, you can see Revolut's, Volkswagen's, BMW's, and WB's new logos in flat, and they look much more modern than previous ones.

Flat Design in Famous Brands

Picture 2 - Redesigns in Flat Design

Despite its simple look, flat designs are hard to create. You should be very careful because it's easy to make flat logos and interfaces look childish. Your target audience with the flat designs are Millennials and Generation Z, and they are very picky.

Just keep in mind that this style is called to emphasize the essence of the product and create something special!

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