What is the price of a logo in 2021?

Most of the time the first thing you notice about a company is their logo. It's an essential part of any brand identity and it's often the first thing you notice, so it's crucial to stand out from the competition. However, have you ever thought about how much a logo design cost? Same as any business spending, you should weigh the cost of logo design against the value you will gain from it.

If you don't have experience in Graphic Design, you might find it difficult to understand what is a fair pricing point because the quality differs from the designer you pick. There aren't any particular logo design guidelines you should follow, and logo designers are free to charge whatever they wish. Some may opt by extremely high rates while others may choose to charge rock-bottom prices just to sell. Just to avoid confusion, try to stay within your price range and pay a price that makes you comfortable. In the end, the price should be fair and equal to the time spent on the task.

Talking about pricing is always a touchy subject because people can easily become sensitive. I don't believe anyone should be the judge of those whose budget can only afford a low priced logo, nor that buying a more expensive logo will be the perfect option.
You should be aware of what you are purchasing. For that, it's required that you have realistic expectations of what your budget can afford, so you don't end up disappointed because your 5 bucks weren't worth it. There are logo designs for every extent of pricing, nevertheless, there is a worthy reason why they can get oftentimes expensive.

Logo costs vary wildly, from 5 dollars to millions of dollars. What does this express? How can the same product cost $5 and $5 million? Outside of the design industry, it's hard to understand the nuances behind logo design and it's legit to get confused by these variations in costs.

Let’s talk about what constitutes a logo

A graphic must satisfy several conditions. It must be:

  • A vector graphic, blown up to any measure without losing its quality.
  • Needs to convey meaning even when scaled down to the size of a stamp or a small icon.
  • Suitable for usage in various media (print, digital and any other branding materials)
  • Singular - Make sure that only your company uses those same graphics.

If a graphic fails one of these checks, it’s not done to professional standards, so it cannot be considered a real logo.

At a minimum, you should receive with your logo design:

  • Vector file: This is a high-quality image file of your design which can be resized without losing any quality of the design. From a business card to billboard, any size is possible! You can also edit them with design software like Adobe Illustrator
  • Transparent PNG: This is a file containing your logo design on a transparent background. It allows you to put your logo on any coloured background without having to worry.
  • Design guidelines: Whether you’re designing your logo on your own or having someone do it for you, make sure you have every design element written down. This should include the hex colour code of each colour that is used and the exact typeface you use (weight, font name, etc). It is really important to have these guidelines written down so that you and your employees always use your logo in the same way.

It's worthy to also understand whether you just want a logo design or a complete brand design - which can include things like a brand voice and overall style – in addition to what your timeline is and whether or not you want the option of design revisions.

Logo price also depends on the client

The price of a logo design is not exclusively the designer's work, it's also in your business potential to profit from it. It should be obvious that a corporation who profits millions every year from an excellent branding project should pay more for a logo design than a non-profit organisation or a small family shop.
You can't expect non-organizations and local micro-businesses to have big budgets since they won't expect a big return from a branding project. More often than not, Designers offer to lower their price or even offer pro bono services.
Companies which are serious about gaining more customers and being perceived as a serious brand are willing to invest more money because they know it will directly affect their profits.
We might have the case where two companies may pay different prices for what people like to call 'the same amount of work', and this is not unfair: it's called value-based pricing.
If the logo will help you get more customers this translates into profit. Designers who help you achieve this deserve a piece of that acknowledgement.

Now let’s look at the different ways you can get a logo for your business and how much each one will get out of your pocket.

Do It Yourself

If you have previous experience using designer software you might want to try and design your logo.
The biggest cost of this option will be your own time since you will have to manage to do all the work alone.
There must be a warning though if you don’t have experience designing logos or in graphic design, I think you should probably avoid this option. It’s not worth to waste your time and end up with a logo that you’re not happy with or doesn’t have the quality you would expect.
However, the good side is that you will have absolute creative control over your design.

This is the cheaper option however, you should consider under the cost the software you must pay for or the tools you use to design it. It’s not a zero-cost option.

Purchase a pre-made logo

If you don’t have a big budget and lack of time, then this could be one option you should consider. There are websites where you can purchase a logo template which is already designed and ready to go and you just have to change it with the details of your company.

However, this is an option which you should be careful about since other people might have a logo which is very similar to yours so you should always do your research first and then see if it’s worthy.

Hire a graphic designer

A simple design is a logo with a company name and icon design. Complex patterns and custom lettering may increase the price of the logo. The finished design should be clear, unique and professional. The definition of simple will vary from person to person, which is why it is important to find a designer who works with its customers throughout the design process. An experienced designer will be able to produce good work if they have clear instructions.​
You should make sure that you get some support in a case in the future you need to change something in the original design.

On a lower budget? Try an Online Logo Maker

If you are just starting your brand and don’t have a big budget or you need a branding solution for a short-term then this might be a good option to consider.
With an online logo maker, such as Logo Bot, you will receive all the files you need to set up to use your logo instantly. And it is hard to beat the low price tag. Think less than 50$ for every single file a designer himself would deliver to you.

First, start by filling in with your brand name, if you're not sure you can always change it later.

logo design AI

Picture 1 - Enter your company name

Click on get started and you will be taken to the next step. Our bot now will help you out with everything. You will start by filling in what is your brand about giving all the details to our bot.

AI logo design

Picture 2 - Describe your company, pick your colour and icon!

After this, you will be prompted to a screen where you will have to pick the best fitting colour scheme for your logo. If you are still not sure to feel free to pick random and our bot will make sure you get the right options.

When you click next you will have to select some of your favourite icons which were chosen by our Bot according to your description. If you don't see anything you enjoy feel free to either scroll to the bottom to see more or add some more keywords on top!

bot logo design

Picture 3 - Suggestions and Editor customization

After selecting your favourite icons you will be prompted to logo design suggestions where you will see the results of what our bot gathered. If you are not happy you can always click on the button "generate more" to get some more results.

If you see something you like, feel free to click "select & edit" to customize your logo according to your taste!

In conclusion, try to find something that fits your needs while also being able to match your pocket. If you feel like these tips were helpful in any way, feel free to check

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