Where Should You Use Your Logo

Creating your company's logo is a huge milestone on the way to its success. When you get it, you should use the logo in all the right places. But, how can you be sure that you made everything the best way? Just use our check-list, and find out if your logo gets a proper amount of exposure.

Logo For Business

  • Corporate website or blog. It is the easy one — of course your website must have your logo in the header and footer of the pages.
  • All packaging. It is essential to have your logo present on the products, but do not be afraid to use it in a creative way. Like a sticker, for example.
  • Correspondence. Use your logo in your letters, e-mails, even text-messages if it is possible.
  • Business cards. Nothing says professional more than a well-made logo on your business card.
  • Social media. It is impossible to develop a business without social media appearance in this day and age. Your logo should be present in all posts and covers even just like a reminder for your customers.
  • Staff`s uniform. If you have the uniform for your stuff, use it for exposure.
  • All the business forms, checks, invoices, etc.
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