Logo Inspirations

We know that sometimes it’s very hard to know exactly what we want in our new logo design. This is why we prepared this content for you! Here you will find the best logo design inspiration, separated by categories so you can find what better suits your needs, along with some logo designing tips, just in case you need some professional advice to create a logo design that will make your company stand out!

Beauty Logo Design

logo, beauty logo, beauty industry, branding, makeup logo, hair salon logo

Tech Logo Design

tech logo, technology logo, branding, brand identity

Fashion Logo Design

fashion logo, clothing line logo, trendy logo, online store logo, branding, fashion branding

Farm Logo Design

farm logo, agriculture logo, harvest logo, vegetable logo, fruit logo, pasture logo

Beer and Brewery Logo Design

beer logo, brewery logo, branding, bottle, label design, logo design

Photography Logo Design

photography, photography logo, lens, camera, camera logo, lens logo, pictures logo

Church Logo Design

church, church logo design, cross, interconnected shapes, faith, mission, community logo

Car Logo Design

car, automotive, car logo design, auto shop

Plumber Logo Design

plumber, pipe, pipe logo design, plumber logo design, plumbing, water, drain, drain logo

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Xiaomi's New Logo: A Subtle Rebrand

China's most famous mobile phone company just released its first folding mobile at the same time it announced its entry into the electric vehicles industry, but that's not what most people are talking about.  The smartphone maker Xiaomi also unveiled a "brand-new logo" that actually looks very similar to the […]

Top 20 Fonts for Logos in 2021

It is almost impossible to put a number on how many fonts are there in the world. Nowadays, it’s possible for you to find on the internet ways to get easily around 500,000+ fonts but these won’t include custom-licensed fonts. Whatever the actual number is, one thins is for sure, […]

5 Tips to Improve your Logo on Logo.bot

Nowadays, logo design is slowly starting to get the recognition it deserves especially because of the perks it brings to a brand. But despite that recognition, some people tend to believe that creating a logo it’s very easy when actually it’s kind of tricky. There are some rules and principles […]

How to make a logo for Signal

People have gotten very interested about their privacy and how their data is managed. So let’s talk about an app which has been getting a lot of attention lately due to it's secure messaging. Signal gives you encrypted messages, as well as voice and video calls. It relies on data, […]