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In-home brewing has always been a thing, but with lockdown, the number of people that started their homemade beer business is steadily bubbling up, which makes it harder for you to stand-out. If you want your brand to grown and be more than a local beer shop, you definitely need a logo design that makes you noticeable, and with Logo.Bot you can design your own Beer Logo Design for free!

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With the large number of breweries that started in 2020, it’s normal you’re feeling kind of lost when it comes to making your brand pop out to your potential audience, so you can attract more customers and make your business bloom. So let me start by telling you that no matter the industry you’re in, logo design is a key element when it comes to making your business look trustworthy and professional. Besides that, it will also make people notice you, whether that is on the shelves of a supermarket or even on social media.

Now that you know the main advantages of branding, you should start by searching for logo design references of famous beer brands or even from your local competitors, because this will be a major help when it comes to knowing the features you’ll want to add to your design and which ones you want to avoid. If you don’t know exactly where to search for those references don’t worry, because we got you covered. In this article, you can find tons of examples of beer logos so you’ll know exactly which vibe you’re looking for. After that, just read the quick tips we’ve gathered down below and you’re ready to start designing!

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Best Practices for Beer and Brewery Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Beer and Brewery Logo for your company



First things first, let’s talk about symbols: Start by thinking about what kind of brewery you own. Is your beer known for its modern vibe or is it more retro? You should opt for an icon that speaks it. Monograms and Animals are also a great choice when it comes to beer logos.



When it comes to color palettes, you should go towards logo colors that will look legible combined with the color of your bottle. For example, if your bottle is green you should pair it with a black or white label with a red logo (red is the complementary color of green). Choosing the right palettes can really make your product stand out on the market shelves.



Like in the first tip, you should first decide what’s the vibe of your brand. Do you own a more serious brewery or is it more playful and fun? It’s all up to you. Just decide on a font that transmits it.