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When it comes to the logo design of your blog, you want to make sure it says it all: what is your blog or page about, and why are you writing about it? So if you're reading this, now's the time to stop scrolling through the web and start designing your Blog Logo Design with the right kind of inspiration and tips! With just a few easy clicks you'll end up with a memorable brand identity for your Blog.




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So you’ve just launched your blog and you want to take it to the next level, but have no idea where to start. You’ve probably also googled a ton of famous blogs and wondered how did they get there so easily. But don’t worry because the answer is very simple: through strong brand identity. Nowadays, logo design is very important for any business or brand because it can easily pass a message to your potential audience without having to say anything. You want your blog logo to show what you do and what’s your vibe so people want to know more about it.

Wondering how you’re going to do it? Logo.Bot got you covered. The only thing you have to do is tell the Bot what’s your brand personality or vibe, which is something that has to be present not only in your logo but also in the content you post. Once you find it, the design process will get a lot easier, not only for you but also for your readers. But before you start the design process, here are some of the best practises when designing a unique, professional-looking blog logo.

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Best Practices for Blog Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Blog Logo for your company



In this step, take a minute to think about your blog’s content and style. The right color palette will evoke your page's essence no matter where your reader is and it will make it memorable.



When choosing the icon that you’ll be using from now on, you should opt for one that represents the stuff you write about on your page. It does not matter if you own a travel or even a fashion blog, as long as your icon speaks it.


Empty Space

Last but not least we got empty space, which means you must let your logo “breath”. So when designing, you should never go too over the top with the elements you pick. Opting for clean and simple features will guarantee your logo is appealing to the eye and readable in every format.