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With the large number of people that stopped buying at local carpentries and opted for big department stores, you really got to step up your game and show your audience that opting for your wood pieces it’s the right choice. But how can you achieve this? For most small businesses the solution is in creating a memorable logo design that will make people notice you. And with Logo.Bot you can create your Carpentry Logo Design for free!

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Everybody knows that carpentry and woodworking demand a lot of talent and hard work, but how can you show your clients the amazing pieces you build without actually showing them? Brand Identity is the answer to all your questions, especially because a good logo design can make people develop a visual representation of your business in their minds and instantaneously create empathy with your brand. Besides that, it will also be useful for your social media, which will attract your local community online.

To help you out with the design of your professional carpentry logo you should start by seeking inspiration from some of your local competitors, so you can see what they’re doing. This will not only help know how can you stand out from them, but will also give you an idea of which designs are appropriate for the industry you’re in. Ready to start creating your logo? Just read the quick tips we wrote down for you and you’re ready to go!

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Best Practices for Carpentry Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Carpentry Logo for your company



This is an industry that tends to opt for neutral palettes that are similar to natural elements, like wood. Browns, greys, and beiges are definitely colors you should go for without hesitation.


Keep it Simple

In every logo design, there’s a key rule: less is more. So when designing your brand identity just make sure you’re not adding too many elements to your design, so it won’t look overcrowded and hard to read from a far distance.



Symbols are the easiest way to communicate in which industry you’re in. For carpentry logos, you can opt for trees, tools, and even forest animals. Just go for what you feel suits your business the best.