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If you’re just starting your business in the modern industry of Cryptocurrency, you definitely need a brand identity that stands out from your competition, especially because this currency it's turning the traditional finance world upside down. With the large number of virtual coins that are emerging all over the Internet, you definitely need a memorable logo that will catch your audience's attention, and you're in the right place for doing it. Let's start building your Cryptocurrency Logo Design!

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Before you start the process of designing your Cryptocurrency logo you must know that regardless of the industry you’re working in, the steps of building a professional logo design are mainly the same, but the values you want your logo to transmit tend to vary. Currently, there are over a thousand different coins and tokens available online and to make yours grow you definitely need something that makes you stand out from the other cryptos, and you should start by having a strong brand identity.

Having good branding not only will help your business to be more eye-catching for your target audience but will also make them create an unconscious feeling of trust with your crypto. As you may know, building a community that trusts you is one of the most important values when it comes to this industry, so you must pay a good amount of attention to this principle. Now that you know all the advantages of having a logo design for a Cryptocurrency business, here are some of the best practices to help customers understand your product is right for them.

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Best Practices for Cryptocurrency Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Cryptocurrency Logo for your company



In this industry, you need colors that speak “maturity” at the same time they speak “innovation”. Seems difficult, right? But don’t worry, because going for neutral tones like grey or black create an impression of all of these values that are crucial for modern financial institutions.


Keep it Simple

Online coins are difficult enough for the general public to comprehend, so you definitely don’t need a complex logo design to add to it. Going for simplicity not only will allow people to trust your business easily but will also guarantee your crypto logo looks good in every format and size.




Most of Cryptocurrencys opt for geometric icons to represent them, but of course, this is not mandatory. As long as your icon evokes the above values, you can opt for any kind of icon as long as it’s immediately recognizable. For example, Bitcoins opted for a monogram logo to represent them, and it actually works really well in the crypto world.