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The agriculture industry has changed a lot in the last few years and nowadays you’ll need more than a good harvest to make your business successful. Having a professional-looking Farm Logo Design will not only make you stand out from your competitors but will also make customers associate your products with guaranteed quality. Want to know the best of all this? Is that you can design your logo for free right this minute!

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To most consumers, all potatoes taste and look the same, so what makes yours different? Making vegetables and fruits noticeably distinct is already hard enough, so you need to create a visual identity that makes yours different from all the other available brands. Once your audience starts to associate your name with the taste of your products, your sales will start rising! But how can you create a logo design that actually looks good if you have no idea of where to start?

That’s where we come in because with Logo.Bot you can easily create your own design while he guides you through all the process! But before you start, don’t forget to seek inspiration from the logos that we’ve gathered down for you so you can decide which features you would like to use on your design. After doing that, just read the tips we wrote for you down below because they will be crucial for your logo to look professional and you’re ready to start creating your own Farm logo design!

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Best Practices for Farm Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Farm Logo for your company


Icon Choosing

A key tip when searching for symbols that suit your farm business is to seek inspiration from the landscapes you are surrounded by. Whether that is green pastures or animals, select the ones you feel that reflect your work environment.



Green is one of the most popular colors when it comes to agriculture logos, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing colors that will make your logo stand out on the market shelves, especially if they’re complementary with the colors of the products you sell.



Last but not least, let’s talk about the layout of your logo. It doesn’t matter the industry you’re in, it’s very likely your brand is going to be on-screen and printed, so you should opt for elements that look minimal. That way you’ll guarantee your logo is readable no matter the support it’s used.