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If you're already in the design industry, you can easily understand the importance and power of having a good-looking logo design. Besides making you stand-out from other fashion designers, your logo will be key when it comes to creating the first impression of your brand to an audience, so you got to make sure it matches your clothing line vibes. Ready to create your Fashion Logo Design today? Let’s go!

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With the pandemic, many clothing brands have decided to take their businesses to the online world, but prosper on the Internet isn’t as easy as it seems. When it comes to online stores and social media, owning a brand identity is a key element, not only because it will make your brand appear professional and trustworthy but also because it will make people curious about your brand which will add extra clicks to your profile that will surely translate into growing sales numbers. But what are the first steps when creating a logo design?

Although Fashion and Branding are both Design fields, they actually work very differently, so it’s normal you’re feeling kind of lost of where to start. But that’s when we come in! With Logo.Bot you can easily create your own design for free, while our Robot guides you through all the process. Now, before you start you should seek inspiration from brands you feel have the same vibe as you and decide which features you will like to see on your logo. After that, read the best fashion logo practices we’ve gathered down below and you’re ready to start your design journey!

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Best Practices for Fashion Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Fashion Logo for your company



Fashion Logo colors come in all shapes and sizes! So when deciding your palette, opt for one that speaks your market and clothing lines. If you’re audience it’s a luxury market, neutral tones work the best, while if you’re working for a more juvenile audience you should opt for fun, bold colors!



It doesn’t matter the industry you’re in, owning a readable logo it’s a must-have. That means that opting for minimal elements like fonts and icons it’s the easiest way of achieving it! Don’t forget that your logo will not only be present on-screen but also printed on tags and business cards.



Last but not least, let’s talk about symbols. When choosing the perfect one for your brand, keep in mind that your logo should be an extension of the clothes you sell. So go for symbols that reflect your taste and combine them will all the other elements. As long as they complement each other you will end up with a timeless logo design.