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Having a professional-looking brand identity is crucial for the success of any business, and the Insurance Industry is one of them. If you want to attract new clients to your Insurance agency you need to appear trustworthy so people will rely on you to have a little peace of mind when it comes to their health or possessions, but how can you achieve this without a major investment? Through logo design of course! So what are you waiting for to create your Insurance Logo Design today and for free?

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First things first, let's talk about the importance of logo design: not only it is a key element to make your business look professional and reliable but is also what makes new customers walk through the front door of your agency and ask for more information. So, if you want to ensure your clients feel safe in your hands, you need to build a brand identity that communicates the safety you can offer them! So where should you start when it comes to the design of your logo?

Believe it or not, even Graphic Designers start the design process by researching what the main competitors of a company are doing: what colors are they using, symbols, and even fonts. The purpose of this is not only to seek inspiration but also to get to know which features should be used or avoided on a logo design for a certain industry. If you don't what where to search for them don't worry, because we've already done that for you! After analyzing them you just need to read the quick tips we wrote down for you and you're ready to start the design of your logo.

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Best Practices for Insurance Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Insurance Logo for your company



The most suitable icon is directly connected to the type of insurance your company provides: for example, if you sell Health Insurances you should go for a heart icon, and if you sell Pet Insurances you should opt for an icon that resembles both pets and health. As long as all the elements of the design work combined, this will be an easy step!



This will probably be the most eye-catching element of your design! Since colors are often associated with the emotions they evoke in people, it's really important you take that information into account when you choose your palette. For example, blue is a great shade because it transmits calmness and smartness. On the other hand, yellow is a positive shade that evokes happiness and youth! Just go for what suits your brand vibe the best and you'll end up with a brilliant design.



Last but not least, you have to ensure your logo will be readable from a far distance no matter if it's printed on business cards or if it's just going to be on-screen. To make sure it works, we advise you to choose very clean elements like the fonts and the icon because this will help your logo not look over-crowded.