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Every lawyer knows that their appearance is key to transmit success: if they don’t look qualified, they won’t evoke trust. The same happens with their logo design, so it's normal for you to feel overwhelmed about creating your own brand identity. But don't worry, cause with our logo maker you can create your own Lawyer Logo Design with just a few steps. Just start by reading the tips we offer you below and you're ready to go!

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No matter what is their specialization field, all attorneys or lawyers want to look like a viable choice for a client, and that not only depends on their outer look or qualifications but also on the branding they’re selling - the lawyer's logo design. The look of a law firm logo is a key factor when it comes to communicating with possible customers and can really take a company to the next level with simple details like having a letterhead with a top placed logo or a statement business card instead of plain-looking ones.

When it comes to the type of look of a lawyer’s logo, they can be either more conservative or modern in their design, which mostly depends on the values of your company. On the other hand, all the law firm logos have one thing in common: they all look sharp and professional. You won’t find any good law firm logo that looks too over the top, but you will definitely find logos that are outstanding on the way they recall reliability and trust. So if you want to design your attorney’s logo, here are some best practices from Logo.Bot.

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Best Practices for Lawyer Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Lawyer Logo for your company



Many of the times, the color palette is the first element people notice when staring at a logo. Legal logos usually go for blue, a color that stands for confidence, sturdiness, and optimist. However, you can also go for purple or red, which are more powerful and luxurious colors.


Statement Icons

Having a brand symbol will guarantee your firm a corporate identity which will help you to gain reliability from clients. Abstract and Initials icons are very common in attorney’s logos because they appear more official and polished.



When designing, think about the applications your logo is going to have. You will probably use it in business cards, letterheads, and even stationary elements like pens. So, to make sure your logo fits all sizes without losing legibility, go for a clean layout that gives emphasis to the name.