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Capturing moments in time it’s not that easy, but photographers manage to do it perfectly. If you’re just starting out in the photography industry you will need more than great photography skills to capture the attention of your audience, but how can you achieve this? Logo Design has many advantages, and one of them is transmitting what you do and what’s your vibe through a simple image. So if you want to gain the attention of new customers you should start creating your Photography Logo Design today!

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So you’ve just launched your brand but you’re not getting the reach you thought you would, especially on your social media. If you have no idea of where to start for solving this problem, know that most of the time photographers do not invest in logo design to promote their services, which is a major error. Besides making people noticing you, Logo Design will also bring a more professional-looking image to your business, a feature that is key no matter the industry you’re in, especially with all those amateur photographers that use Instagram for self-promotion.

And now that you know the main advantages of owning branding, you’re going to start wondering how can you build a logo within your small budget. But do not worry, because with the help of Logo.Bot and the design tips we’ve gathered for you, you can start creating your logo design by yourself today and for free! The first step we advise you to do is to seek inspiration from all the other photography brands in the industry so you know exactly what you want in your design. After that, you’re ready to go! Just don’t forget to read the quick tips we’ve prepared down below.

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Best Practices for Photography Logos

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When it comes to the photography industry, opting for minimal color palettes is the best way to go. Neutral colors like black, white, and grey add a premium feel to your brand while adding a bold color detail will make you stand out from your competitors. Just remember, balance is key.



In this step, you should start by thinking about what’s your target audience. Do you make fashion photography? Or do you make portraits of pets? Depending on the answer you should opt for typography that speaks it, whether that is a minimal-looking font or a more fun one!



Last but not least, let’s talk about icon choosing. Although in the photography industry is very common to see symbols of cameras, lens, and even film, you should see what your local competitors are doing so you can stand-our from them. Opting for more abstract icons is also a great choice when it comes to photography logos.