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When it comes to ensuring the continued thriving of a business like a restaurant, having a brand identity is a key factor for the success of your diner. Therefore, if you own a restaurant, it's time to build a good logo for it. And what better way of doing it than with a logo maker that allows you to make your own designs with just a few clicks? Start by gaining inspiration with some of the logos we previously designed with Logo.Bot and you're ready to design your Restaurant Logo Design!

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In restaurants, having a custom logo design is crucial to communicate the brand’s message easily to the target audience, especially if you own a restaurant, a diner, or even a bistro. In this industry, owners of small businesses tend to ignore the importance of branding and usually opt for something that just looks good on the top of their menus or in their business cards. On the other hand, if you think about those major restaurant brands, one of the first things that comes to your mind it’s their logo, right? Then Let me guide you through the process of making a free restaurant logo design.

Restaurant Logos are usually what causes clients to draw conclusions and opinions before they’ve visited the place and tried what it has to offer. That happens mostly because society tends to judge a book by its cover and opt for what is visually more appealing. So if you have a direct competitor with not so good food, but on the other hand with much better branding, which option do you think a possible customer will choose? So, before you start designing your logo, let’s talk about some of the best practices in this logo design category.

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Best Practices for Restaurant Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Restaurant Logo for your company


Choose your Theme

It doesn’t matter if you sell Japanese or Mexican food, as long as the icon of your logo is connected to the type of food you want to represent. So when describing your restaurant to the Bot, don’t forget to add these details that can make all the difference.



Colors are always a crucial design factor. In this case, you should go for a color palette that suits the type of cuisine you want. For example, the color red is often used for fast-food restaurants because it evokes strong emotions like excitement.



When building a restaurant logo, you should be careful with the typo and taglines you’ll choose. Don’t forget, less is more, so always opt for fonts that are clear and legible from a far distance, since it’s very likely you’re going to print your final logo design.