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Do you own a spa center? Then, make sure that your clients remember the logo from your spa for the same reasons they remember the calmness they have obtained by being in your space and with your services. Still unsure of how to do that? Don't worry, because down below we've provided you with all the tips you need to make a Visual Identity that evokes all the feelings we wish for in a Relaxation Center. So let's start creating your Spa Logo Design!

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If you’re designing your company’s logo, the first thing you must have in mind is the emotions you believe (or wish) your brand awakens in people. So, the logo design from spa's, wellness centers or even massage therapy clinics must evoke a feeling of peace and relaxation. This type of philosophy not only works when it comes to choosing color palettes but also with the type of icons you will select for your logo.

Your brand needs to be memorable! That will guarantee that your spa will stay on top-of-mind of customers when the need to relax pops in their minds. So if your spa logo looks soothing, we guarantee you a book full of appointments. But before you start designing your logo with the help of Logo.Bot, let’s talk about some of the best practices when it comes to branding in the spa industry.

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Best Practices for Spa Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Spa Logo for your company


Statement Icons

Negative space symbols are very common in spa logos, especially if they appeal to the feminine figure. On the other hand, massage stones and flower lotus are also a traditional statement in this industry. So when describing your company to the Bot, don’t forget to tell him all these details.



Relaxation centers usually go for thin typefaces that again, evoke calmness and delicacy, no matter what’s their specialization field. On the other hand, if you own a more luxurious spa, you should opt for a serifed font rather than a sans-serif one, and vice-versa.


Soft Colors

Going for muted and pastels colors will give rise to “relaxation” thoughts on your target audience, mainly because they look less intense. Pinks and peaches are some of the most used tones in this industry.