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If you feel like you don’t stand out enough from the other online Twitch streamers, you definitely need a strong Logo Design to make your channel noticeable. It's time to build a free logo for your Twitch Channel with the help of our Logo Maker! Just start by reading the tips we give you in this article and see some of the examples we've designed with the help of our Bot and you're ready to go.

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With almost 4 million streamers, Twitch is a live streaming video platform that is constantly growing and becoming more popular among online gamers. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are one of those streamers that are asking, “how can I stand out from all the other channels?”. Of course that uploading amazing content regularly is one of the answers, but there is another one that is not so obvious, which is getting a great Twitch Logo Design. Having a good brand identity will definitely make your channel pop among the other Twitch accounts.

Before you start designing, it’s important for you to know the main advantages of having a logo design for your Twitch channel: Besides making your account more eye-catching among others, having a good logo will also make your audience associate your channel with a visual image on their brains. Streamers who have branding can easily transmit their personality without saying anything: a feature that is crucial if you want your channel to quickly grow. But before you start creating, here are some of the best practices when designing a logo for this platform:

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Best Practices for Twitch Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Twitch Logo for your company



When choosing colors, it’s important for any brand to evaluate what their competitors are making. Don’t forget that is a lot easier to stand out from others if you are the only one using a certain palette.



One of the most challenging features in a Twitch logo is the small size of its containers. So, when designing your logo, opt for the cleanest and simple elements that will ensure your logo is readable in all sizes and shapes.



Finally, we have typography. In this final step, you must choose fonts that can be easily associated with the type of games you are going to play, but you also got to make sure that the chosen font is legible in a small size. Never forget that a good typo can easily balance being creative with keeping it simple.