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If you want a Virtual Reality Logo Design and have no idea where to start you’ve come to the right place. A professional-looking logo can show the world the principles of your brand at the same time it makes them understand if your company is right for them. If you are new in the VR Industry, you need a brand identity that makes you stand out from the rest. So let’s start designing your Virtual Reality logo for free!

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First things first, have you ever noticed that all the virtual reality companies have modern-looking brand identities? That’s because VR it’s a reasonably new industry that’s gaining more attention each and each day. To keep up with that, brands develop logo designs that also look and feel modern, guaranteeing that the right message is being passed to possible customers. But with the tones of information online about building the perfect logo, you’re likely feeling lost about where to start.

But don’t worry because Logo.Bot got you covered! When creating a logo it’s really important to search for references of what your main competitors are doing when it comes to logo design and why they are doing it. If you don’t feel like doing this that’s alright because we’ve already collected some of the best brand identities in the industry so you can seek inspiration without any effort. After that, you can just start the design of your logo with the help of our Bot that will guide you through the process! Just take a look at the quick tips we’ve righted down below and you’re ready to start!

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Best Practices for Virtual Reality Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Virtual Reality Logo for your company



Virtual reality can be used in many different industries, so when picking your icon make sure it represents your business. Are you a travel agency that uses VR experiences or are you a technology brand that’s building VR? As long as your icon speaks the industry you’re in, you’re on the right path.



The right colors can highlight your brand and catch the eye of your target audience. When in Virtual Reality logo design, opt for combining neutral colors like black and white with modern, strong colors like blue and purple. Just make sure the final look is balanced and not overcrowded.




The typo you choose can easily bring freshness and innovation to your logo. So when choosing the perfect font, opt for simple, minimal ones that are readable even in small sizes.