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With the large number of youtube channels emerging in 2020, you've finally got the courage to start your own one, but you’re finding it difficult to engage people. Want to know the 1st step to achieve it? You should start by designing a logo that will make you stand out from all the YouTubers around the world, and you're in the right place for doing it. Let's start creating your unique Youtube Logo Design for free!

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It does not matter if you’re starting or you just want to grow your channel, the truth is that nowadays, brand identity is present everywhere and is a key factor to guarantee the success of a business, whether that is online or not. Of course, this applies to a Youtube Logo. If you are doing it for a long time now and you’re confident about the videos you upload but not getting the expected results, something’s definitely wrong. That something is probably related to your branding, which is actually easy to fix.

Although YouTubers make it seem easy, this industry is actually pretty rough. Not only your content has to be high-quality and engaging but your channel always has to look polished and professional. Having a Logo Design that represents you is a major step for growing your audience and letting them know what kind of content you are going to present. With Logo.Bot you can design your Youtube logo easily, no matter if your channel is makeup or gaming-related. But before you start, here are some tips on how to it properly.

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Best Practices for Youtube Logos

We will help you to create an astonishing Youtube Logo for your company



You want to make sure your youtube logo design is able to tell the public what’s your content without them having to click it. So don’t forget to tell the Bot what your Youtube Channel is about so that he can catch the right keywords for you.



To make the most out of your Youtube Logo opt for a simple and clean layout that is legible in any size or gadget. Don’t forget that most Youtube photo containers are really tight in size, so in this case just go for the safest option: minimal or flat design.



Just like in the above step, opt for a font that’s easy to read so your viewers can actually see your name or initials. Youtube channels that go for Monograms usually use bold beautiful ones that are readable from a far distance So give it a try!